Our friends from around the world join with me and offer a heart-felt “thank-you” to the Indianapolis District volunteers.  As District Superintendent I get some credit from others for how well the General Assembly went.  I must confess, I had almost nothing to do with it.  You the people of the Indy district are the best!  You have proven once again that you are willing servants.

Pam Garner and all the committee chairpersons did a fantastic job of organizing their respective areas.  I know it is not said nearly enough.  But thanks and may God continue to pour out His blessings on each one of you.  Let us continue the momentum and seek to make a difference here in the 22 counties that comprise our district.  I am praying for a revival of God’s presence in the Church of the Nazarene, I am asking that it start with me.  Together may we allow God to use us for His glory right where we are today.  May there be a move of His mighty spirit right here where we live as well as in every corner of the world!

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