At our global gathering, better known as the General Assembly, a new logo was introduced.  At first many of us thought it was to replace what we all associate with the church of the Nazarene:

seal of the nazarenes


We were informed that was not the case.  This is the ‘seal’ of the church of the Nazarene.  It is still the seal for the church. It has the Bible, the written Word of God, it has the dove, representative of the Holy Spirit, and the fire, representing the cleansing power of God.  We can also see the words “Holiness Unto the Lord”  As the song states, ‘this is our watch word and song’.

The new logo is a way of communicating who we are as well.  The core values for the Church of the Nazarene:  We are Christian, we are holiness, and we are missional.  It is our DNA.  It is our identity.  We are first Christians.  We believe that only Jesus can save us from our sins.  That He died for our sin, we believe we receive Him by faith.  We are holiness.  We believe that following our conversion there is a time of full-surrender and consecration, in which God baptizes us with His Holy Spirit and sanctifies us through and through, cleansing and filling us with His Spirit and power.  We are missional. We are on mission with God.  We are called to be His ambassadors.  We want to take this news and share it with all people everywhere!

I love the church and I love the new logo:

new nazarene logo


As the song says, “sing it, shout it, loud and long!  Holiness unto the Lord, now and forever.

5 Thoughts to “A New Logo?”

  1. Rev. Neil Chase

    Indeed it will be great to use our new logo with a very clear message for us all.

    1. IndyWebmaster

      Agreed! In case you did not know, you can download it online at

  2. JoAnn Bastien

    thanks for the clarification for those of us who could not be there.

    1. IndyWebmaster

      Thank you for your comments! We are going to get Dr. Blake setup to comment in the coming days.

  3. lou

    It’s disappointing that the Cross is so tiny it’s almost invisible; one will not see it when the logo is reduced to smaller sizes and it’s too important to not emphasize it more.

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