Mrs. Blake and I just had dinner in the dining hall at Camp Camby.  We were surrounded by children and counselors and other dedicated adults who have taken the time to help at our children’s camp.

Summer church camp made an impact upon my life.  And it still does!  One of the people helping register the children this afternoon was Mrs Jean Pressler, she is the pastors wife at United Community Nazarene in Plainfield.  Rev. and Mrs Pressler were camp counselors when I was a camper!  After all of these years she is still investing herself in the lives of children.

I looked around the dining room where I observed 100 boys and girls. I wondered what will the future hold for these children?  What will their lives be like?  What difference will they make for Jesus?  I do not know the answer to these questions, but I do know that God will use them.  It seems rather mundane this thing called ‘kids camp’.  Yet it is places like this where lives will be changed.

I want to thank the director, nurses, counselors, kitchen and camp staff.  You are doing more than a job, you are investing in the lives of young people.  The parents and congregations have been praying and I join them in praying that God will bless and help our children.  I pray that many will make decisions that will change not only their lives, but the world!

again, I love my church!

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  1. Amanda Lewis

    I really liked this post Dr. Blake. I was a camper once and in fact while attending youth camp at Camp Camby I asked God to save me. My husband is there as a counselor this year for the first time. I pray that he can be a witness for those children. Thanks for posting this. I love my church too!

    1. IndyWebmaster

      Thank you for your comments! We are going to get Dr. Blake setup to comment in the coming days.

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