With all due respect to Dr. Suess, who wrote a book with this exact title, I feel this statement describes how I think about my life!  As a boy born to an unwed mother in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I have been blessed beyond measure, and God has allowed me to do things I could never have imagined and to have gone places that would have never entered my mind.  God’s grace and His direction have made all the difference.  I just spent a week at my denomination’s worldwide meeting. I was able to see friends I have made over the years and meet new folks. Having retired last year, I never thought I would serve as a delegate to the General Assembly again.  I have been the interim District Superintendent in Wisconsin for over nine months.  This past week has served as a reminder of the mercy and grace of the Lord in my life.


Christian friends can play a significant role in one’s life, providing support, encouragement, and spiritual guidance. Here are some ways my friends have added value to my life:

  1. Shared Faith: Christian friends share a common faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Having friends who understand and share your spiritual journey can be comforting and uplifting. They can provide a safe space for discussing your faith, asking questions, and seeking guidance.
  2. Emotional Support: Christian friends can offer emotional support during challenging times. They can pray with you, offer words of encouragement, and provide a listening ear. Their presence can bring comfort and reassurance, reminding you of God’s love and faithfulness.
  3. Accountability and Growth: Christian friends can help you stay accountable in your walk with Christ. They can challenge you to live out your faith, hold you to your convictions, and provide gentle correction when needed. They can also encourage spiritual growth by sharing insights, discussing Bible passages, and recommending helpful resources.
  4. Prayer Partners: Christian friends can be powerful prayer partners. They can pray for you, intercede on your behalf, and offer guidance through prayer. Joining together in prayer can deepen your spiritual connection and foster community and unity.
  5. Spiritual Wisdom: Christian friends who have walked with God longer can share their wisdom and experiences with you. They can provide guidance based on their spiritual journey, offering perspectives and insights to help you navigate challenges and make wise decisions.
  6. Fellowship and Community: Christian friends provide a sense of belonging and community. Gathering with like-minded believers for worship, fellowship, and shared activities can foster a sense of unity and strengthen your faith. Through these relationships, you can experience Christ’s love in tangible ways.
  7. Positive Influence: Christian friends can serve as positive role models. Their faithfulness, integrity, and love for God can inspire and motivate you to deepen your relationship with Christ. Their example can encourage you to live a life that honors God and reflects His love to others.

Christian friends have added tremendous value to my life and helped deepen my faith, enrich the journey, and remind me of God’s love and faithfulness.  I have been blessed with great family and friends.  This past week reminded me that I have received so much from the Lord and the church.


One Thought to “Oh The Places You will Go!”

  1. Darryl J. Bogatay

    Great Words of Encouragement My Friend. May WE ALL continue to invest ourselves into others, just as those did who lovingly, kindly, honestly, and sincerely invested in us and in our ministries. You keep on encouraging all those who God continues to bring into your life.

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