When I attended funerals or heard of someone’s death, it used to be that it was someone my grandparents or parents’ age.  Recently it occurred to me that it is now often those in my generation who are passing away.  How did that happen?  I got older!  Of all the things that matter, relationships have always been meaningful, but in recent days they have climbed even higher.  Having a dear friend and colleague die suddenly just a few days ago is a reminder that life is uncertain and one needs to savor each day.  Having preached this truth for parts of five decades  (1981-through today), it still bears repeating.  Live fully, Love those around you, and give hugs and words of encouragement along the way.  Live and preach the gospel and seek to show the Lord’s love, grace, and mercy through your daily walk.

What I have been reminded of and thankful for as I reflect on the life of my friend in Christ:


  1. Eternal Life: The death of a Christian friend serves as a reminder of the hope and promise of eternal life in Christ. As Christians, we believe death is not the end but a transition to a glorious life with God. The passing of your friend can encourage you to reflect on the assurance of their eternal destiny and the hope that you, too, have in Christ.
  2. The Importance of Faith: The death of a Christian friend can serve as a reminder of the importance of our faith and relationship with God. It prompts us to evaluate our lives, priorities, and spiritual journey. It encourages us to deepen our faith, seek a closer relationship with God, and live in a way that reflects His love and grace.
  3. Community and Support: Times of grief remind us of the importance of a Christian community and the support we can find within it. Reflecting on the loss of your friend may inspire you to reach out to other believers for comfort, encouragement, and prayer. During these difficult moments, the body of Christ can come together to provide love, support, and a sense of belonging.
  4. The Impact of a Life Lived for Christ: Reflecting on the death of your Christian friend may also remind you of their impact on others while they were alive. It’s an opportunity to celebrate their faith, how they lived for Chris,t and their positive influence on those around them. You might be reminded of their acts of kindness, love for God and people, and dedication to living out their beliefs.

Ultimately, reflecting on the death of a Christian friend can be a time of mourning and hope as you remember their life, their faith, and the eternal promises of God.

I am thankful for the friendship and example of Pastor David Warren.  I pray for his wife and children, and the church he pastored, as well as the many he mentored and encouraged.  Well done, good and faithful servant!

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  1. Susanne Blake

    Nicely described a man we knew as Pastor David Warren. He was loved admired and respected by so
    Many. God bless his family in these families.

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