Nearly everyone I meet informs me that they are busy and that they cannot fit one more thing into their schedule. Busyness is what is keeping them from adding to and subtracting from their schedules. They cannot make necessary changes because there is no more room in their schedules.

Let’s talk about your schedule and life for a moment. How much of your time is dedicated to things you have chosen to participate in? Break it down. Yes, you have to go to work, yes you have to attend to your children. If you are married you must spend time with and invest in your spouse. You do need to eat and sleep every night. It is, in fact, true much of your day is filled with people and activities that are important and necessary

Now allow me to ask you some questions that most will avoid asking you. Are you ready? Promise you will not get mad at me? Really, promise! Okay are you ready? Here are some questions, only you can aswer.

1 Does anyone make you watch TV?

2 Does anyone make you eat the way you do?

3 Have you read a book or listened to a podcast or read a blog this week?

4 Are you happy with where you right now?

That is more than likely more than enough question for right now. Let us go back and consider a few options. The average American adult watches between 4-5 hours a TV a day! That is nearly 1500 hours of TV watching a year! Since the first of the year, I have stopped watching TV news. I have an RSS feed that gives me the days news in less than 3 minutes. Because of this, I do not have feelings of anger with the things that are happening. I am not consumed with things I cannot change. Instead, I feel freer and have filled my mind with the Bible, good literature, and self-improvement materials. Instead of watching as much television, I have spent the “found time” in self-development. This one thing illustrates the fact though much of our day is committed to necessary things, there is a portion of our days that we have some control over. Concerning that time, do not default to doing what comes easy, use a portion of the time to improve yourself. Invest in your family, your career, but do not forget to invest in yourself.

Question #2 Do you eat what you have always eaten? Are you consciously thinking about what you consume? It is okay to eat something you enjoy periodically. No one unless you are a minor child is making you eat what you are eating! The vast majority of Americans never read one book in a single year. The same people who watch 1500 hours of TV! You have more than likely heard it said: “in five years you will be like the people you hang around with and the books you read.” For the last several months whenever I am in my car I am either listening to a Podcast of my choosing or an Audible book. No more talk radio and no more listening to the same song over and over. While you are commuting you can receive an education and learn and grow or you can listen to the same old stuff. Are you happy where you are? You cannot change the past but you can change your future. The Apostle Paul said: “Forgetting what is past I press on…” I have written a couple of blog posts about the fact that is not necessary to make large changes all at once in your life. I am not advocating that you throw your television away, How about turning it off for 15-30 minutes in order to read a book? How about rather than watching mindlessly for an hour, spend the time with your spouse and children in an activity of their choice? Start small and over time you will see huge benefits. These benefits will impact your life as well that of your family, life and future. You can do this!
This is the best way to get to your destination.

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