It is not an either-or decision. We need both thinking and doing. I could have added talking to the mix. For there seems to be no end to talk, but talking and thinking are not the same as doing. Planning, preparing discussion, seeking input, research, and brainstorming are excellent, but if these things do not lead to action, and doing it seems rather hollow.

Ideas without action lead to delusion. Many great ideas are floating out in the ether somewhere, for they never became more than someone’s bright idea, but remains lost and no action happened, to translate the concept into reality. Again, this is not to disparage thinking, reasoning, or reflecting, yet before one starts a project or course of action, notice the operative word is always action!

How does one move from thinking to action? Allow me to give a few suggestions:

  • Have a plan! Action without guidance is not helpful. Just as thinking without effort is delusional, both are needed, but all of our planning and work should lead to action. Do you have a plan? Do you know what you would like to accomplish?
  • Stop waiting until everything is perfect! Since I am a little farther down the road than many of you. The ideal day is never coming. Things will never be as you think they should be, just make up your mind that you are going to do something. Just get started!
  • Start now! Do something today. It is easier to correct a mistake than to overcome waiting to get started. Commit to taking action today.
  • Stop thinking about all that can go wrong. Too many people so over think a project or activity that they scare themselves from taking action. If you put in time planning and refining, then start moving now! No matter how well you plan, you will have to improvise along the way. Everything will not fall into place, and there will be unforeseen items that you would have never considered. Just commit to starting.
  • Commit to continual action. Taking action is not enough; you must make take action continuously and consistently. If you must choose a bias, choose action.
  • Feed your faith, not your fear! We all encounter fear along life’s way. Fear can paralyze and cause us to cringe and never move forward. You cannot live in this world without fear knocking at your door. Feed your faith and starve your doubts. One of the best ways to overcome your feelings of fear is to just commit to taking action. Amazingly the good feeling that comes from taking action will help you to realize that doing helps keep anxiety in check.
  • Create a distraction-free work environment. It is easy to procrastinate by spending time doing things that are not crucial or necessary to move your life forward. Through the years, I have been able to work better when my workspace is a clutter-free area dedicated to working, and that by itself keeps me focused on the present task.
  • Review! Ask yourselves some questions: How did your previous week go what worked well and what didn’t?  What significant moments did you have today or this week? What are your plans for the following week? What do you intend to take that you learned from this week and apply it to the new week?

Thinking is excellent, as is planning and preparation. This week commit to focusing on taking actions that move you closer to your goals and objectives.

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