I recently addressed a senior adult group.  I preached from the passage of Scripture in the book of Joshua. The story of Caleb who along with Joshua were apart of the 12 spies who scoped out the land of Canaan that God had promised His people.  Ten of the spies came back with a negative report.  The giants are big, really big.  Yes, it is true what Joshua and Caleb say regarding the fact that land is flowing with milk and honey and the fruit and vegetables are large and plenteous but don’t forget the giants. We are as a grasshopper in our eyes and in the eyes of the giants as well, was the majority opinion of the group that made the trip and reported back.  Long before we can be seen as a grasshopper by someone else, we first see ourselves as weak, small and insignificant.  Caleb and Joshua knew that the giants were large and formidable, they believed that God was larger than the giants.

At times it appears to people that having faith is synonymous with wishful thinking or ignoring reality.  Caleb and Joshua did not ignore the giants, but they did not ignore the God who had promised the land to them either.  Since in most places, the majority wins the children of Israel spent the 40 years walking in a  circuitous path in the wilderness.  The lack of faith and trust in God not only cost the ten men who brought back the bad report it cost their families and friends as well.    It cost the two who brought the good report as well. Joshua and Caleb walked int he wilderness as well.

At the age of eighty-five Caleb says declares give me what God promised, I ready to do what I intended to do forty years ago.  Sometimes a dream is delayed!  Do not give up, do not lose heart.  Keep trusting God.  Addressing a group of senior adults I reminded them God still has plans for the young and the older and God wants us to still be taking territory by faith as long as we are alive.

Do you have a dream!  Become this generation’s, Caleb and ask God to use you to make a difference.  Quit focussing on the giants and Get good and focused on God.


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