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Thanksgiving day in the United States is the day where there is usually more around and more on our tables than any other day of the year.  What a great holiday Thanksgiving is, a day to stop and gather with family and friends and count our blessings.  Thanksgiving and gratitude seem to be in short supply in our world.  So it is appropriate to dedicate a day to the idea of being thankful and filled with gratitude.

I have been working on an acrostic for the word gratitude.  Young or old, rich or poor, we all have much for with to be thankful.

G     God is the provider of our blessings.  Give thanks to God

R     Relationships are the real gold standard in our lives.   Give thanks for family and friends, and let them know you love them.

A     Action.  Thankfulness is more than mere sentiment.  Show your gratitude by loving and caring for others in tangible ways.

T     Time.  Take time to help someone.  One of the most valuable gifts we can give anyone is some of our time.

I     Involvement.  Thanksgiving demands we get involved in life.  We must not withdraw, we must be fully engaged.

T     Tally.  Really now, right now count all your blessings, and tally them up, you will be surprised how many blessings you have

U    Unfazed.  With God’s help we can face whatever comes our way.  God is with us, we will not give up, we will stand strong

D     Delighted.  Today and all days “Delight yourself in the Lord.”  He will indeed give you the desires of your heart.

E      Empathy.  Thankful people who live in a state of gratitude are able to show empathy to hurting people.

As you gather with your family and laugh and maybe cry, eat turkey and watch football, do not forget to count your blessings.  Hug your friends and hold your family close to you.  Do not let the day pass with out thanking God and expressing your love and appreciation for your family and friends.   Make it a day of expressed gratitude.  Come to think of it, why limit this to a day, let us demonstrate our gratitude every day of the year!


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