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If your entire news intake consisted of the evening news broadcast, sprinkled with some cable news outlets and the newspaper, you are more than likely a little discouraged.  Floods, fire, murders, disasters, and even worse.  I have had to stop watching the news before bedtime, because it was so depressing and distressing that it became hard to fall asleep.  The world could use a little “good news” right about now.  Yes indeed our lives are touched by tough times and difficult circumstances.  Things do not go the way we wish, things happen and many a tear is shed.  Yet, if we are not careful, it is easy to allow the bad news to crowd out the good news.  Sharing good news is not an exercise in escapism, it is rather a way to reorient our thinking.  The news broadcast is not the final word.  There is one who will one day have the final say.  I really like the challenges that are happening on some social media sites.  Folks are listing what they are grateful and thankful for, and I believe that one simple exercise helps change the attitude of the one counting their blessings.

What is some good news you have to share today?  Allow me a few:

1  I am thankful for the grace of God and His mercy.  His blessings are indeed new every morning.

2  I am thankful for my wife and son.  They are abundant blessings to me.

3  I am thankful for the call of God upon my life.

4  I am thankful for family and friends.  Just a few moments with these people can change the entire mood and attitude of the day.

5  I am thankful for the ability to live and work and move about.  Many are not able to, I am and I am thankful.

6  I am thankful for the Word of God

7  I am thankful for you!  Thanks for being my friend.


I promised you some good news and here it is:  God loves you!  He cares about you!  And I love you too!  Considered yourself hugged today.  Why not share what you are thankful for, and go ahead and turn off the TV and count your blessings.

2 Thoughts to “Some Good News about….”

  1. Carolyn

    Pastor Blake
    How true…..nothing good on the news and very depressing.
    We need to hear about the good things people are doing, which we rarely do on the TV. If we would publicize the good things and not give the “dweebs” so much attention, I think it would change a lot of behavior. Maybe they would turn to God if the attention were in that direction for them to shine.

  2. John Bouldrey

    Truly thankful for all these things and a D.S. who loves our God and us.

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