I was asked by a friend recently if I would list some books I read regarding retirement that I found helpful. That is an easy request, so here we go: Some will come from a Christian perspective, and others will be about retirement and the issues that attend the subject.

So Here are my recommendations for those of you 1-5 years from retirement and those already retired. I am including a disclaimer; I can’t entirely agree with everything in these books. Help from books is subjective, so you may not find as much help as I did. So, with that out of the way, here are my recommendations:


  • An Uncommon Guide To Retirement: Finding God’s Purpose For The Next Season of Life by Jeff Haanen  Spoiler alert! This has been one of my favorite books on the subject. The advice is regarding how a Christian should prepare and live in this season of life. It will help if you read this book.
  • What The Happiest Retirees Know by Wes Moss is Another good read. I enjoyed it so much that I began listening to the author’s podcast. It is based on studies of the essential factors and characteristics for a retiree to enjoy this season of life.
  • Encore: A Boomer’s Guide To Retirement by Marilyn Myrick-Watson is an excellent introduction to things you must consider as you approach retirement.
  • The Best Is Yet To Be: Discovering the Secret to a Happy Creative Retirement by Mike Bella. I like Bellah’s writing again; it will get you thinking about things you may not have considered.
  • Keys To A Successful Retirement by Fritz Gilbert. Fritz has written several books on retirement. I enjoyed them as well. I have subscribed to his blog: The Retirement Manifesto. His books and writing are filled with practical advice on retirement.

Again, I have not listed any financial books because so much help can point you in the right direction. Retirement is a significant phase of life that often marks the beginning of a new chapter. It is when individuals transition from their professional careers into a more relaxed and leisurely lifestyle. While financial planning is commonly recognized as a crucial aspect of preparing for retirement, another dimension holds immense value: spiritual preparation. There are many adjustments to be made and issues to be considered. Will I continue working? Full-time or part-time? Where will I live? What new opportunities await? The first few days and weeks will feel like you are on vacation. Then, you discover that life  has changed, and now the adapting process begins. I hope that at least one of the books I have mentioned will help you as you explore the subject.

Retirement does mean change. A little over a year into it, we are facing some adjustments we will make in the next few weeks and months. As with most things in life, you learn as you go, and some things do not become apparent until you experience them for yourself.


Enjoy the journey.

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