Susanne and I have finally made it to our vacation destination. This was our third attempt since March. Because of all that has happened regarding the pandemic, the trip was put on hold twice. We decided to bring our two dogs with us, and today was my first time to walk them in a different neighborhood. With Roscoe and Zuzu, the wonder dogs leashed, and in tow, I made our half-mile walk this morning. Dogs love to explore and examine new territory. They help us in several ways:

  • Dogs live in the moment. Dogs do not plan for the future; for that matter, they are not aware that they are on vacation. I am all for preparing for the future, but the downside to planning could be running past the present in the quest for a better future. My Dogs’ advice would be to prepare for the future but live today!
  • Dogs slow you down. I have walked this neighborhood many times, and I do so much faster without my two dogs. Yes, dogs slow you down, and that is a good thing. Time away is not supposed to be lived in a constant state of hurry, slowing down seems to allow your mind and soul to catch up with your body. Slow down, breathe, and relax, dogs are great teachers on the subject matter of slowing down.
  • Dogs are excellent guides. On my trip this morning, I notice plants and flowers that I had not quite noticed on my fast-paced solo walks. I was quite amazed at how many beautiful sites I saw that I usually just hustle by trying to get my walk in, and how much different the area looks while strolling. There is a time to move quickly, and yes, there is a time to stroll!
  • Dogs are great networkers! Today I met a few dog owners, and because dogs slow you down, I learned their names, and as necessary, I learned the names of their dogs. I learned where the people are from, and a little something about their lives. Fifteen minutes before the walk, they were unknown strangers to me, now I know their names and a tidbit or two about them. If I had been by myself, I would have nodded and said ‘good morning’ and kept moving. Because Roscoe and Zuzu were with me, I got to meet some friendly people and their dogs.
  • Dogs are happy, regardless of life’s circumstances. My dogs love our life in Indiana; they love vacation too, and for the matter everywhere in between. For whatever reasons, dogs just accept life, they like people, and pretty much everything about life, (except for baths, ours are not water-loving dogs).

On a Saturday morning, I learned that it would not be all bad to be somewhat like my dogs. They do not worry about their next meal, what tomorrow is going to hold, will they have enough money, and will everything work out in their lives. They just live in the moment.

I know you and I have some responsibilities that cannot be ignored, yet slowing down and enjoying the moment would be a good habit to incorporate into our routine. My heart was filled with gratitude on my walk with my two buddies. I found myself filled with gratitude, thanking God for His many blessings in my life. Roscoe and Zuzu were perfect guides today.

Remember slow down, notice and appreciate the people around you and most of all give thanks to the Lord

Roscoe and Zuzu the wonder dogs

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