As I was transitioning from my last position, I had the task of letting go of my files for the past forty-plus years. To see all of your working life disappear was somewhat disconcerting. As I was casting a file folder away, a group of unlined notecards fell onto the floor of my office. When I saw them, I immediately remembered them. Instead of throwing them out, I kept them and have been looking at them over the last several months. Early in my ministry, I would type out Bible verses, quotes, and other interesting statements. I would put them in my sport jacket pocket, pull the card out several times during the day, and read it. Finding these cards gave me an insight into my thinking early in my adult life. I thought I would share one with you in this blog.

Here are the contents of one of the cards:

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8)

Helen Keller was asked once what would be worse than being born blind. She quickly replied, “To have sight and no vision.”

No person successfully fulfills God’s will and dreams for their lives until they have begun to affect the lives of those around them positively.

The Daily Dozen

1 Examine your life at this moment.

2 Exchange all your option for one big dream.

3 Express yourself

4 Expound on your dreams

5 Expect opposition

6 Exercise all of your efforts, all of your energy, toward making a difference for God.

7 Extract every positive principle you can from life.

8 Exclude negative thinking from your life.

9 Exceed expectations.

10 Exhibit a positive outlook on life.

11 Explore the possibilities.

12 Extend a helping hand to those around you who need help, a friend, and understanding. God loves people, and so must I.


By the wear and tear on this notecard, I carried it around for several weeks or months. Why did I take these notes around with me?


  • I needed daily reminders. 
  • I needed to keep focused. 
  • I learned the importance of repeating important messages
  • I realized I am responsible for my attitude
  • I learned the power of daily habits.

Every day we fill our minds with something. One can do no better than filling it with the Word of God. The mind and the heart are connected. Jesus said, “For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of” (Luke 6:45).

I am unsure how I came to type out cards, carry them around, and read them throughout the day. The daily dozen is one that I have taken with me over the years. Today I want to focus on number 12 of the daily dozen: “Extend a helping hand to those around you who need help, a friend and understanding. God loves people, and so must I.”

Help me, Lord, to live this out in my life!  

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