no two days alike


What goes into the making of a day?  Some days seem quite ordinary and some days seem to be remarkably unique.  The real dilemma, I am not able to know for sure when I get out of bed in the morning, which kind of day it will be.  some times when I arise filled with excitement that the day is going to be extraordinary by the end of the day I have a somewhat let down kind of a feeling.

There are days that start out as ordinary, and end up being quite special.  How does that work? I have no idea.  There I said it, I have tried repeatedly to figure it out.  No pattern or plan seems to be apparent.  My conclusion is that great events rarely come with trumpet fanfare.  They just happen, they unfold as we walk through our daily lives.


God brings miracles forth from the ordinary.  That is how He works, it is just the way He operates.  Upon further reflection, it is the way it should happen.  Since I don’t know what is going to happen today, I have to trust the Lord to see me through.  My life truly is in His hands.  He brings blessing out of the mundane routines of life.


Even though in my present position, no two days are exactly the same.  There is a sense in which they are the same.  Each and every day I have to trust Him.  Trust Him for grace to overcome.  I am in need of grace to endure and grace to smile, and grace to confront, and grace to forgive, and grace to ask for forgiveness.  If we allow space for grace in our lives, we will understand that were it not for grace, life would be unbearable.


I know what you are thinking, my life is unbearable, I am in a difficult situation, and you tell me to create space for God’s grace to work in my situation?  Yes, indeed!  Whether on the mountain or in the valley we need to recognize and accept the grace of God.  And if we are open to receiving grace, we much likewise offer grace to others.   I never know what battles someone else is going through.  I might be the only person to extend them grace today.

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