I love the story found in 1 Kings 17, as in response to Ahab’s wicked reign, God sends a famine. God sends Ravens to provide food for Elijah, and he drinks from a nearby brook. One day the stream runs dry, and God instructs Elijah to travel to another area, and there he will find a widow who will provide him with food. Upon arrival in the area, Elijah finds the lady picking up a few sticks to start a fire to prepare a meal. Elijah asks her for a drink of water, and then he asks for a piece of bread. The lady indicates that she only has enough flour and oil to make a little something for her and her son, and then they would lay down and die.

Her answer was, ” I have nothing, except a little flour and some oil.” Only enough for one last meal, and then my life is over. Her first response to the question was, ” I have nothing.” How often is that your answer as well? You see, we so often focus on what we do not have, that we ignore the blessings of life that we have received. Where ever you focus your attention, that is pretty much all you will see. If you focus on problems, all you will see is your problems. It is so prevalent today that people are not satisfied with their present circumstances and are focused on what they wish they had, where they want to live, that they forget to enjoy, and live today right at this present moment.

One of the first things that I noticed in this story is that God often uses the least likely folks to help us. God told Elijah to go to a widow. In that day, widows lived a life that was less than sub-standard. I would have been more comfortable if God had said go to the banker, and he will help you. There is a tendency for us to try to assist God in how He should operate. God uses whom He chooses. A lesson I have experienced in my life is that help has come from some of the least likely sources. Reflect on that statement and see if it will not be the case for you as well. My help comes from the Lord, and there are times when the help came from places and people I could never have imagined. The reality I need to take away from this today. God has promised to help us, and we cannot dictate how or from what source the assistance will be delivered. Count on it help will come.

Today, rather than thinking about what I do not possess, I commit my lack and shortfalls to Him. Today I will take inventory and count my blessings. When you follow the Lord, you have to set your pride aside. Elijah could have said; I am not going to ask a widow for help; she barely has enough for herself and her son. I am not going to do that, I refuse. Pride would have cost Elijah, the widow, her son, and the nation a blessing. Do not let your ego keep you from depending upon God and His provision. Follow His voice.

“I have nothing except…I have God and His grace and mercy. I have blessings beyond counting. God has been good to me!

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