The Apostle Peter reminds us in 1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

The word translated as “cast” in this verse is not a word that is used a lot in the New Testament. It is used in one other place in the New Testament. When Jesus was making His triumphal entry into Jerusalem the people were casting their cloaks before Him and shouting “Hosanna” to the King. They were gladly welcoming Him and casting their outer garment onto the road. Just as they were gladly throwing their coats before Him, we are to gladly throw Jesus our cares! The translation I am using does not use the word care but rather the word “anxieties.” We live in an anxious and trouble-filled world, what are we to do?

sCares are a part of life. The routine of work, running a household, meeting our obligations, and taking care of our families, all of these and much more comprise the ‘cares” of life. Few if any live a carefree life. Cares are a part of life. Though many cares come with the territory of life, it seems we have taken on much more in our day and age. No matter how sophisticated we may feel that we have become, the ancient promise still encourages us today! Cast all your cares…not just a few but all. Cares are a part of every life and the ones that I experience are unique to me. He desires that I gladly ‘throw’ all my cares on Him. This is such an amazing statement! Most do not want us to cast our cares on them. As Paul reminds us in Galatians that we should carry one another’s burdens but then states each one must carry their own load. Whatever the difference is between a burden and a load I believe they all fall under the category of ‘cares.’ I need today to throw all my anxieties on Jesus who cares about me! Whatever the burden and whatever your care, right now throw it to Jesus! The reason is simple. He cares about you. The care you are carrying now may not seem all that big or problematic to others, but Jesus, because He cares about you, invites you to give them all to Him.

Most of us try to hang on to our cares, and in order to cast them, we have to let go. Perhaps a reason we do not cast them on Jesus is that we do not want to let go! Many like hanging on to things and brooding and complaining about the unfairness of life. To cast your cares on Jesus, takes action. The action is throwing it to Jesus! What a gift to give yourself, casting your cares, burdens, problems, and difficulties on Jesus. You can do it and you know He will take them. He promised that He would. Remember, He cares for you! Haven’t you held on to them for too long? Throw it to Jesus now!

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One Thought to “I cast all my cares on Him!”

  1. Jean Pressler

    This goes along with my message for Sunday…”Clearing Away the Clutter.” When we literally throw our cares, whatever is cluttering up our spiritual life from worries about financies, health, family, house, etc., on the Lord…we have true freedom. Free to have balance and margins with limits. Then we will find joy, rest, peace, health, better relationships, etc.

    Thank you for this reminder!

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