We are used to teams playing home and away games in sports.  The home field or home court is usually considered an advantage.  After all, “there is no place like home.”  At least that is what Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz told us!  The feeling of arriving at your home after a long trip is exhilarating.  I have noticed the home’s value as we moved twice last year.  By value, I do not mean equity, interest rates, and net worth.  This past year, we transitioned from retiring to taking an interim position to finding our way into our new normal.  As I look back over the last 13-14 months, as always, I have discovered a few things:

  • Balance.       Balance is a grand theory, but more complicated to attempt to pull it off in the real world.  Balance is essential, but in reality, we are out of balance often; sometimes, it can’t be helped at times, and at times it is because of neglect. It is a lifetime quest to live in balance.  Periodically we all need to assess where things in our lives are out of balance.  This is a time for introspection.
  • Plan for the mundane; expect the unexpected!  I see the value in having a routine and a plan.  One must acknowledge that life throws curveballs, a lot of curveballs.  It is necessary to understand that the ‘best-laid plans’ must be adjusted.  Though I had plans, there have been some unexpected events, and we have adjusted.
  • Make friends along the way.   Friends seem to take on added significance when one is traversing new territory.  Social connections seem to take on an added significance.  To have friends, you have to be a friend.
  • Family.  I attended a couple of family reunions this summer, and they were better than medicine, supplements, or vitamins.  Family provides a home base from where everything in life started and in this season of life where eventually, on earth, everything will come to a conclusion. You can travel the world over, climb the ladder of success and strive to achieve, but family are the ones who will always be there cheering you on.
  • Change.  Make plans, but be willing to adjust.  Plans and changes require that we get comfortable with improvising and adjusting.  Some of the change is not because we were wrong in our calculations, but rather new developments, opportunities, and certain things not working out as had been expected. You are kidding yourself if you think your mature years will mean no more changing.  Change is becoming so common that we think routine is rare!  This may be one of the reasons why we are often told to embrace change.  Whether you embrace it or not, it is going to happen.
  • Faith.  I can’t imagine navigating this season of life without faith.  I believe I have said this regarding every phase of my life. Faith gives direction and serves as the foundatin.  Our faith is a relationshp and not just a set of beliefs or idea. In the midst of change it is comfortiing to stand firm in faith and trust that God is indeed working in our world and our lives.

I am excited to see what the next twelve months will bring.  Hang on, buckle up and trust God and enjoy the ride.

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