Psalm 46 is a psalm where I have turned when I have needed encouragement. “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”  A refuge means like as a shelter or protection from danger or distress.” Finding refuge is like finding a place of safety in a time of a storm, or finding a place of security and comfort during a time of difficulty. How happy one is to find such a place during stormy and chaotic times.

The question is not are you going to seek out or take refuge? Instead, the fact is that you and I always take refuge. The point is: is the place of shelter genuinely safe and secure? Many things that people turn to for comfort: food, friends, drugs, our jobs, and so forth may offer temporary comfort, but do they genuinely provide security?

The Psalmist also reminds us that God is our strength. Tough times require us to be robust, and far too many times, we are attempting to make it by our force. I seem to run out of my supply of strength, but God has an endless supply of His mighty power. The reason the Psalms are such a source of blessing and encouragement is that we remember that God is the source, and He cares about each one of us and is there to give us strength.

Many believe that God must remove all of our problems and take all of our burdens away. Everyone mentioned in the Scriptures, who was much used by God, faced trials and difficulties. At times He does remove the situation from us; more often, He gives us the grace and power to endure and make it through the challenge.

Psalm 46:2 says “in trouble.” He is a refuge and strength in trouble. It literally says an ever-present help. Two things speak to me from this verse.

  • Ever-present. God does not help us periodically or once in a while. His help is ever-present! Because I am not aware of His support does not mean that He is not helping, it just means I am not paying attention. His help is ever-present.
  • In trouble. The Lord comes to me in moments of peril. He does not promise a problem-exempt life. He is promising a real power in the problem kind of life.

    God does not leave me to figure it out and to fight it alone, He is a refuge a safe place, He gives Me strength when I have none of my own. He is ever-present he does go away and leave us a note indicating He will return someday, no He is an ever-present help in time of need. He does not promise us a life of no disruptions and no pain, He promises us something better His ever-present Help in time of trouble. Having problems? Take refuge in the Lord and count on His power and help during your time of trouble. He will be there for you.

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