jesus is...

We hear constantly someone posing the question, who is Jesus?  Some are really seeking information many are trying to understand is Jesus really the son of God?  I am asking this question in a more precise and personal way, ‘Who is Jesus to you?’  How might you fill in the blank?  The easy answer from our lips is that ‘Jesus is Lord.’  There are many things that could be inserted into this statement.  Savior, God, gracious, kind, forgiving,here, coming, just to name a few.  There are some who might insert,  a historical figure, a baby in a manger, a good moral teacher, philosopher, or role model, again there could be  many more choices.  Again, rather than being a historical, religious or philosophical answer, who is Jesus to you?  I mean to you!

Christ is a lot of things, recently I found a description of Jesus given by Ambrose bishop of Milan.  Listen to his description of Jesus: “When we speak of wisdom, we are speaking about Christ.  When we speak about virtue, we are speaking about Christ.  When we speak about justice, we are speaking about Christ. When we are speaking about truth and life and redemption, we are speaking of Christ.”

This weekend this is my prayer.  That Jesus is not only my Lord, He is all!  He is all I need, or ever will need.  He is all, and I have discovered that is more than enough.

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