Isolation is rarely, if ever a good thing. It places unfair limitations on us as well as keeps us from developing socially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. What are some of the benefits of working in teams?
Collaboration. Partnering brings more than one individual into the mix to help with the process as well as the results. This also allows for the diversity of opinions, experiences, and viewpoints. Collaboration is getting things done together.
Morale. It is quite easy to become discouraged when you are working by yourself. When working as a team, it seems there is always someone to keep the morale of the group positive.
Problem-solving. Different viewpoints are essential to finding a solution to a problem. This is so much easier accomplished in a group setting.
Support. Teams often become robust support systems, a place where trust is built. There is room on a collaborative team for both specialists and generalists. There is the depth of specialized research, as well as the generalized overview of the issue at hand.
Clear goals. Goals are more easily clarified when working in groups. If the goal is not clear, the group will become fractured. Whereas clear goals are always important, it is absolutely essential when working as a group.
Communication. The ability to communicate the message is always vital. Still, when working in a group, it must be delivered, so everyone on the team understands and are clear in their understanding of mission and project.
Adaptable. Adaptability is always essential, but some individuals are not as flexible as others. In a group, the more adaptable can bring along the entire team along.
Confidence. Teamwork becomes an integral part of developing a positive work environment. As each piece does the work a spirit of trust can work its way through the entire system.
Idea-factory. Often I have heard that “no one of us is as smart as all of us.” Because of different personalities, backgrounds, and experiences, ideas will come from various sources. Our own views are fine-tuned and edited when working as part of a team.
Shared-workload. This is the essence of teamwork.
Boosts productivity. Productivity should improve when you have more people with varied backgrounds working on a common goal.
The power of teamwork is as Helen Keller stated: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” There is a multiplication factor in partnership. There is more energy and knowledge, and ability that comes together. I believe we were created to live in community with each other. A part of that comes from operating as teams. Isolation may, at times, help us to get something done, but it was never intended to be a long-term strategy for life. Most, if not all, of your goals, will not be reached without the assistance of others. There is strength in unity.
Don’t isolate, find, or create a team regardless of how small it may be, you will discover that there is power in numbers. Yet, more than power, there is strength and encouragement that comes from working in teams.

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