Words.  Where would we be without them?  I remember how I could not wait until our son would be able to talk.  To be able to conduct conversations is the ‘stuff’ of miracles. Words  are powerful. They possess the power to bless and the power to curse.  Words stick with us.  Most of us can replay a conversation in our heads that contains words of harm and hurts spoken by someone in the years gone by, that to this very moment hurt deeply.
The Bible has a lot to say about words.  May the words of my mouth….out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks…..your Word have I hid in my heart…Your word is a light unto my path….In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God…they sharpen their tongues like swords and aim cruel words like deadly arrows.
The list is not exhaustive, the Bible has much to say about words.  Most of us speak without giving much thought to the impact of our words.  Today you have the choice to make a difference by what you say.  Someone today needs a word ‘fitly spoken’ to quote the Bible again.  Not only can we replay in our minds hurtful conversations, we can likewise hear words of love, encouragement and healing as well.  Remember a time when you were discouraged, and someone came along side of you and encouraged you?  They may have not understood what a healing salve their words were, but you knew.
Today is a day for us to return the favor.  Stop waiting for someone to encourage you, you be an encourager. Start with some words that can be applied like a cool compress to the brokenness of someones life.  In a world not lacking for words, there is still a lack of healthy, healing, encouraging, comforting words.  You can be the messenger of hope today.  It is not dependent upon your bank account, talent, or present circumstances.  You can take the Word of God, and deliver a word of kindness and care to someone in your life today.
When I attend seminars often the leader will say ‘look over your notes what is the one take away that you will use this week’.  I want your take away from all of this to be, within the next 24 hours I will use my words, to bless and encourage, to uplift and help someone.  Now go and use some words to help someone in your life.

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