Enough is Enough

Quite often I hear folks declare that they have had enough.  Usually they do not exactly spell out what ‘enough’ really means.  Mostly we are left to fill in the blanks.  Enough, trouble, enough, pressure, enough well frankly they have just had enough.

I am thankful that up to this point in time, God has not said “enough” of me and my eccentricities and incremental progress in life. This concept of ‘I have had enough’ has been rolling around inside of my my mind and heart.  Usually ‘enough’ has something to do with something someone has done to us, or not done for us at least to our satisfaction.  As Christ-followers I am wondering if there are some things we ought to have had enough?  Let me give some examples:

  • I have had enough of business as usual, I am going to trust God and leave things in His hands.
  • I have had enough of not praying.  I must spend time with the Lord.
  • I have had enough of cold, dead, lifeless, pretend faith.
  • I have had enough of high expectations for everyone else and excusing the same things in my life.
  • I have had enough with gossip, and spreading things that are not helpful.
  • I have had enough of saying one thing and living another.
  • I have had enough of being a victim, when I can be victorious in Christ.
  • I have had enough of constantly focussing on me and will start focussing on serving others.
  • I have had enough of spending all my resources on that which is only temporary, and start investing in things that have eternal value.

As you see the list could be endless.  The usual usage of ‘enough’ is directed toward others.  Rarely do we have enough with ourselves.  We give ourselves the benefit of the doubt, but ascribe bad motives toward others who hurt or disappoint us.  Toward ourselves we are generous, and are stingy in offering grace to others.

This week before we write everyone else off our list, we should start with an examination of ourselves. Throughout Scripture we are told to examine ourselves.  We will find plenty of things to work on in our lives, and others will notice the changes and begin to inquire what has happened?  Then you can say, I came to the place where I had just had enough.

2 Thoughts to “When Is Enough Enough?”

  1. Sharon Edwards

    As usual Pastor Blake, just what I needed !!
    Thank you

    1. Sharon

      Susanne and I think of you and Esther often. You were always such a blessing. Keep in touch. You guys are loved and appreciated. Thanks for your kind words.

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