There are times when we wonder what is happening in our lives. We cannot figure out what God is doing with our lives and we are trying to figure out if we are headed in the direction we should be and is everything going to be okay? Is He pleased with me? How do we make it through these times when we are uncertain? Let us look at a few things to keep in mind when experiencing these times:

  • Keep your past in perspective. Last week is over as is last month and last year. All of us have a past and we have to keep it securely in the past. Nothing can be changed about the past. I can apologize and try to make amends, as well as remember the lessons I need to bring with me into the present and future. Do not carry the past around with you like an anchor chained to your ankle. Let it go! Give it to God.
  • Live your values. Faith, family, and others. Do your best with your work, put in a good days labor and seek to constantly improve. A values-driven life is the only way to live. Live your values at home, work and everywhere.
  • You are learning. Are you taking every event of life and seeking to learn the lesson? In school, we had the lesson and then the test. In life, we have a test and then we learn the lesson. No matter how surprising life’s events may be there is always something to be learned. Often I am reminded that the best lessons I have learned came out of failures and mistakes and things that were uncomfortable and unpleasant.
  • Progress is being made. Even though I may feel “stuck” I am still doing the things I am committed to doing: prayer, reading, family time, learning, working on goals, saving for retirement, exercise, and good nutrition just to name a very few. Progress is an interesting thing, it does not feel like progress when you are going through it and the feeling can last for days or weeks. Stick to it, you are making progress!
  • You are uncomfortable. I can always tell God is up to something in my life when He allows me to be made uncomfortable. It is far too easy to settle for the status quo and just coast along through life. We only grow by stretching and being made uncomfortable. It is human nature when in an uncomfortable situation to think that God is punishing us but in reality, He is allowing us to expand our abilities and to trust Him.
  • Keep working on your goals. Until you figure out something that needs to be changed keep working on your present goals. Do not give up because you are in a hard place, or you are not sure what God is up to with your life. Keep moving forward. Life is not one series of victories and exaltations after another. There are ups and downs and many ordinary days in between. Do not give up, it is more important to keep doing what you are doing when things are cloudy or confused, it was for such a time as this that you set goals.
  • Check in with your support system. Everyone needs a friend, mentor, or confidant, who loves you and believes in you and will listen and pray for you and who over time have earned the right to speak into your life. call or text a friend who can help you and meet with them. Isolation can sometimes stoke fear, do not just talk to anyone, but talk to someone who is confidential and mature.
  • Keep regrets in control. When we are wondering what God is doing in our lives, can often be a time to bring up old regrets. All of us have some regrets. Some are paralyzed by past regrets. Turn all of your regrets over to the Lord. When in a time of trying to figure out what is going on do not give in to a regret-fest.
  • In tough times remember that God is good. In the Bible, you will find on nearly every page a story of people who loved God and went through trials and tough times. There is no such thing as a pain-free life. God is not only good when we are contented, But He is also good in the tough times as well.
  • Kindness. Regardless of what is happening in your life do your best to remain kind. Do not strike out at others. Do not give into to your fears or concerns, trust that God is in control and that He cares for you.

You may not know today what God is up to in your life. Keep trusting and moving forward. Consider today as another day in the School of Grace.

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