There are all kinds of heroes among us.  The men and women who served our country are indeed heroes.  We enjoy the many freedoms we have today because of the sacrifice our military.  This is the day in our country we salute them and honor their service and sacrifice.  Thank you for your service.

There are other heroes among us as well.  Single moms who raise and care for their families, when it would be so easy to give up.  You, too are heroes.  Grandparents who raise their grandchildren are heroes.  People who go about doing good and being people of faith and integrity in a world where neither is honored and celebrated.

I have had the privilege of sitting down and visiting with the pastors of my district the past couple of weeks.  These men and women have and are faithfully serving God and offering hope and grace.  Many are in difficult places of service.  Yet I have been encouraged and energized by their faith and commitment to Christ.

Heroes look like they are one of us….but in reality they are ordinary people serving an extraordinary God.  I am better for knowing folks like these heroes.  My life has been challenged by their faith and determination.  Heroes spur us all on to be better than we think we can, and to believe in God who is all-powerful.  They remind us that we walk by faith and not sight.

Take some time today and thank the heroes among us.

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