Having just finished something I have been working on gave me a great feeling and a sense of accomplishment. Then I began straightening things in my office, and I made a discovery: I located half-completed items all around me. Some of the uncompleted stuff I stumbled across, books half-read, vacation destinations abandoned, hobbies started, and quietly forgotten, to name a few. What is there about most of us that we come up with an idea and then quickly jump in and begin only in short order to give up and move on? Has this happened in your life? There are many culprits, short attention spans, the desire to chase after the next big thing, and looking for something to satisfy us.

Today I am not so interested in projects not finished, hobbies that never became a part of my life, nor any number of things I promised myself or someone else and never got around to getting done. I want to ask a broader question: what are things that I need to work on to be a better person, Christian, husband, father, pastor, or friend? I am not trying to make myself or you feel terrible about the way our lives are; instead, I am asking how I can finish well?

My intent is not to become miserable by continually measuring myself against the standard of someone else. Instead, I want to acknowledge that for each of us, there is room for improvement and growth.

Do I have some unfinished business that needs attention?

  • Do I have unfinished business with God? Am I growing as a disciple? Are there areas in my life about which I need to be open before the Lord? I plan to spend some time in prayer this week and seeking God with my whole heart. I do not want there to be an area in my life that is not under His complete control.
  • Do I have some unfinished things that I need to work on with my spouse and children? Oftentimes the folks who are closest to us are the ones who are ignored or marginalized. How are things relationally in your family? Family is not a place to leave things undone or unsaid.
  • Do I have some unfinished things related to my work life? Have I kept my promises and done what I have promised? If there are areas that need to be rectified, be willing to make amends. It may be as simple as an apology, coupled with a strong desire to be a person of integrity and to be a person who follows through on commitments.
  • Are there other areas where I need to examine and evaluate if I have left things unsaid or unresolved? You can do your best to make things right, but sometimes the other person refuses to be reconciled. That is why the Bible says: “Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” (Romans 12:17-18)

Relationships with people are the source of great joy as well as immense sorrow. Today if you have some unfinished items to attend, do so at once, and leave the results with God. If people do not reciprocate leave that with God as well.

Decide today to finish what you can and leave the results with God!

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