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Susanne and I are the proud owners of not one but two dogs.  They are Schnauzers.  During our marriage we have owned Four Schnauzers.  We are not sure why we have this breed. We just do.  Some have been friendly at least one not so much.  We had to put down our Teddy last year.  Since his departure we have welcomed two dogs into our home and lives.  I know if you are a not dog person, you have a hard time relating.  Well let me tell you something about our dogs, they really are not dogs they are more like people.  They really aren’t but we act like they are.  Dogs are such great companions.  There are times when I get frustrated with our dogs.  I am sure they would say the same about me.  But mostly you can learn some things from dogs:

  • Dogs really are your  friend.  Since I no longer pastor a local church, but serve as a District Superintendent, I have learned if you want a friend, get a dog.  I thought about it and decided I had better get two dogs.  There has never been a day when upon  arriving home that my pups haven’t come running to greet me.  Sometimes I have just returned from taking out the garbage and they greet me like a long lost friend.  I like being greeted.  Perhaps some of our churches could place a friendly dog or two at the church door.  I am not thinking of any church in particular, I just think it couldn’t hurt.
  • Dogs are dependent creatures.  A cat can live on its own most of the time, not a dog they crave human companionship and they need some guidance.  Dogs remind me that all of us need to belong to a pack, and if you are in our pack, you matter to us.
  • Hey forget all that I have just written, while writing this my dogs have drug my sport coat of the back of the chair and have made a blanket out of it, chewing the buttons off and it was a newer sport coat.
  • Well, my puppies are sitting on the sofa with me looking lovingly into my eyes and kissing and licking me.  They picked up quickly my words of great displeasure with their behavior.  Unlike people they have not made excuses or blamed others, they know they are guilty and they are sorry.  It has come to my attention that it is only a sport coat, and not a particularly nice one.  Oh did I mention the power of dogs to elicit forgiveness from you!
  • It has been reported that dogs lower your blood pressure.  Well, I would say most of the time except when they drag your new sport coat to the floor and start chewing.  But, my blood pressure seems normal now, perhaps even below normal after all my pups are sleeping next to me.
  • Dogs never hold a grudge, and that is something we can all learn to emulate. Grudges are balls and chains that many carry from the past into the present and then wonder why they are not farther down the road. Well, I decided to let the sport coat incident go and not submit a bill to “Roscoe” and “Zuzu”
  • Dogs never tell your secrets and never break a confidence.

I love people, I really do, but dogs well, dogs are special as well.

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