Jesus said in Luke 19:10 that He came to look for and find and redeem lost people.  This was the mission and priority of Jesus.  He came on purpose and for a purpose.  This is the passion of our Father in Heaven.  He wants to bring us into His family.  Our God is in love with all the people in the world, including you and me.  We must take His command seriously.  As the Superintendent of the Indianapolis District we must take this Scriptural command seriously for the 22 counties in our state for which we are responsible.  The Lord gave me a vision to see 70 churches started in the next 5 years.  In our own strength and with our limited resources this is impossible.  Yet all things are possible with God.  Several weeks ago an elderly man from one of our churches came to see me.  He told me that the Lord had been speaking to him about helping to start some churches.  He handed me an envelope, and I thought it looked like it might contain a check.  I asked him if I may open the envelope?  With his consent I looked inside and saw a check for $200,000!  This is going to be used to help reach lost people and start new congregations.  When I felt impressed by the Lord to announce 70 churches in 5 years, I did not have a promise of a $200,000 check.  I had no promises from anyone, except the Lord.  We must learn to trust God for the resources, power and strength to do His will.

Let us look at where some of these new churches need to be:  Here are the largest communities on our district without a Nazarene church:

1  Carmel   86,000

2  Zionsville 25,000

3  Bargersville  6,600

4  Batesville   6,500

5.  New Whiteland  5,800

6  Cumberland  5,400

7  McCordsville  5,200

8  Whiteland  4,300

9  Pendleton  4,200

10  Whitestown  4,000

11  Hanover  3,600

12  Pittsboro  3,200

13  Brookville  2,600

14 New Palestine  2,500

15  Knightstown  2,200

16  Vevay  1,700

This is a good place to start praying.  I am praying that God will lay one or more of these communities on your heart. I am praying that the Lord of the Harvest will send out workers into these fields.


We need to consider the 6 largest communities on our district:

1  Indianapolis  854,000  We need multiple congregations all over the metro area

2  Fishers  84,000  This is another community that could use more holiness churches

3  Greenwood  54,000  A great community.

4  Richmond  36,000  We have 3 congregations in Richmond but could use more churches in and around this area

5  Plainfield  31,000  We have one church here and one plant that will begin this fall.

6  Brownsburg  23,000


I do not know where the 70 church planters are going to come from, but God knows.  How will it happen, I do not know but God knows.  I am sending out the Macedonian cry:  Will you come over and help us share the Gospel with our communities?  I am excited to see how God is going to bring this all together.

I am also asking that all of our pastors and churches pray big prayers.  Ask God to help you and your congregation reach and disciple enough folks to double your church attendance in the next five years.  Let us be done with little visions and little dreams.  God is moving and I do not want to miss out on what He has in store for us.  I am all in and I want to be all out for souls!  How about you?  Are you in?

7 Thoughts to “To seek and save the lost”

  1. What a great vision for the INDY district!!! We will be praying the Lord sends workers for the harvest.

    1. Thanks Jeremy. You are a blessing

  2. Landon DeCrastos

    I am so excited to be a part of this movement. I’m ready to plant more!

  3. David

    Awesome ! and God is able to do exceeding above all we ask or think….

  4. Cheryl Beers

    Thanking God for you Pastor Blake!

    Your writing challenges me. And also reminds me of this writing by Phineas Bresee, from an editorial: “Praying for all the saints in the fields to which God has called them let us stand close together, shoulder to shoulder to push holiness, to enter many open doors. Nothing is so essential for the world’s salvation as the building of great holiness fires in America…. God has called us, let us be quick and constant.”

    I’m praying and believing!!!

  5. R.E. Stack

    I am Glad we are doing some Church work in USA at this time .
    From A concerned Christian

  6. R.E. Stack

    Glad you Started at Home with This Great Idea

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