Yesterday would have been the home opener for my favorite baseball team the Detroit Tigers. For several years Susanne and I had the opportunity to attend the home opener. This was always a highlight for us, the pageantry and fun as the air was filled with anticipation. The anticipation was a mixture of baseball and spring and when these two come together they give birth to optimism. We are experiencing a pandemic in our world and many things have come to a halt. We find ourselves in a unique place and we wonder about the future and our new normal. What at first seemed like perhaps a couple of weeks now appears to be a several weeks event.

Many are wondering what are we going to do and how will we make it through this Corona Virus time. There are parents who are in the house with their children seeking ways to keep their children engaged, focused and everyone sane. What may have appeared at first like a need reprieve and break is for some becoming more of a sentence, as in prison sentence.

  • Learn something. Rather than wasting away the time, determine that you are going to spend the time learning something. There are so many courses, so many videos where you can learn something new. On Youtube, you can learn to do just about anything. Are you willing to spend some time learning something new?
  • Do a long-neglected chore. I see on social media a few of my friends are cleaning and organizing their offices, closets, and garages. This could be a great time to get caught up on these longstanding tasks.
  • Reach out to someone. People are lonely and discouraged. Our advantage today is we can keep in touch through electronic devices. Be especially sensitive to the elderly and the single person who is going through this by themselves. Contact someone today and be an encourager.
    Pray and read the Bible. I have challenged the people I lead to spending an hour a day in prayer. It does not have to be one hour straight you can break it up into segments. There is no better way to spend our time than to pray. I would also challenge you to get into one of these online or virtual Bible studies. Again, there is no better way to spend time than spending time with the Lord.
  • Read something. One statistic that I have always found disheartening is the one that tells us that the majority of adults in the USA do not read a book after completing their schooling. I do not want to admit it but I know that it is true. Many of us have a book on the shelf or in our Kindle that we keep telling ourselves that when we have time we are going to read it, you may have the time now

Time can be our friend or our enemy. The choice is mine. I can either redeem the time or do my time. My concern many are turning their time at present into a prison of sorts. Find some things to do and use the time to do something that will be of help to you and others. What are your ideas about how to spend the time?

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