Everything is much more comfortable when broken down into manageable pieces.  The enormity of most tasks causes us to either give up or procrastinate and eventually ignore what we were going to accomplish.  What is the best way to get started?  Do something!  Several people have written about the two-minute rule.  If something can be done in two minutes or less rather than saving it to do on another day, go ahead and do it now.

I would advocate that you do that with a few more items.  Namely, if something seems to be so large as to overwhelm you, decide to do something for two minutes that will get you started with the project.

For instance:

You want to write a book. Sit down and write something for two minutes.
You need to clean and organize your garage. Go out and start by doing something for two minutes.
Do you need to get your closet organized? Start organizing for two minutes.
A big homework assignment? You guessed it tackle it for two minutes.

Why just two minutes? Two minutes or 120 seconds is not much time.  You can afford to give two minutes of your time, right now!   Two minutes is enough time to get started and move, sort, write, throw out, clean, fold or straighten.  One discovery you will make is that in two minutes you were able to accomplish something.  It was somewhat comfortable, and you really could have taken a few more minutes.  Before you know it, you will begin taking care of projects.  You may add more time if you like.  Remember you are today where you are as the result of a lot of little decisions that you made over the years.  One reason we get overwhelmed is that to clean our garage would take an entire weekend or months of weekends. We give up and say who has the time?  Take two or five minutes a day and start.  Whatever the project.  The secret is not only to get started but to keep going, and one of the easiest ways is to break it down and to do so in small, doable segments. For two minutes you trade fear and resistance for incremental progress.  One benefit immediately will be that you did something toward resolving and accomplishing the desired task.

Go ahead I will time you!  Your two minutes starts now!  Go and do something!

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