The next manifestation of leadership is managerial. As long as I have been studying the subject of leadership there has been a debate as to whether leadership and management are related, similar or dissimilar?  I have always felt that leaders do have to manage and managers have to lead, I’m not suggesting they’re interchangeable but they are interconnected. You can’t have one without the other. It’s the same way with job descriptions, regardless of what your job description indicates, there are times you have to do things that are not listed in your job responsibilities. There is nothing more annoying to the public than to be told by someone I can’t do that, it’s not my job. I have always firmly believed if it isn’t your job, it is your job to find someone who can do it, and sometimes you just have to do things that are not your responsibility, especially those things that need to be done at that moment! Therefore this is why I’m glad that managerial is one of manifestations of leadership! There are details that must be managed always.

Some of the conflict stems from the fact that being a leader is seen as something strong and desirable, while being a manager is seen as mundane and a position that could be filled by anyone. This is not the truth. There are many leaders who are not able to manage the people, property, or the projects, especially in the area of finances. Do not let anyone look down upon you if the word manager or managerial is in your job description or title. It is the ‘managing’ that makes things happen. You can be an outstanding leader but if you don’t have a strategic plan and a vision it will never happen, but there most be follow-up.  Never forget that someone will have to steward and manage and see that things progress at the proper speed and time. Managers are a gift from God! They keep us on task, they make sure we have the resources. They make sure the schedule has been made and everyone is aware of what time they show up and what they do after they show up. There were many times when I first moved into a large church in which I painted with bold colors and spoke regarding large goals and then depended on others to fill in the blanks and to help marshal the resources. They came up with the details and walked us through the step-by-step process that was going to get us to the stated goal. Trying to lead a large organization with no managerial help is asking for a disaster.

Leaders let me appeal to you at this moment: never underestimate your need for managerial help, it is absolutely essential! Likewise, remember to continually be honing your managerial skills. This would involve attending seminars, listening to podcasts, reading books, talking to experts and yes experts are all around you who understand the management process. Don’t expect that you’ll always be able to hire the managerial help you need. It is  good to surround yourself with people who have the skills and have developed them over time, yet if you are the keeper of the dream, the caster of the vision you will periodically have to roll up your sleeves and help manage the process in order to get things done. It is not menial, it is not beneath you, it is an essential part of what it means to carry the title of leader. This reminds me of the biblical admonition to not despise the day of little things or small things. Yes it is important to keep the big picture in mind, but we cannot be so focused on the big picture that we miss the little things happening all around us that need order and management. This is a test of leadership regardless of how you define the word leader. Yes leaders lead, but leaders also manage. Often it is in the area of managing that a leader gets in the most trouble. Of all the things you could neglect to do do not neglect the fact that things have to be done properly and in order. A part of strategic vision is figuring out which comes step first and then second and so forth. You must make sure that it happens on time and hopefully under budget. Do not hear me saying that the leader has to do every one of these steps by herself, she just has to make sure that it is done by someone.  Lead on and manage well!

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