How do you manage your tasks? For years I have tried many methods and programs. I have used the Franklin planner, I have used Priority Matrix, I have even gotten involved with beta-testing for new products. I have read many articles and a few books on the subject. I have in my Evernote files many programs that have been tried and seem to work of awhile. Each system had both its strengths and its weaknesses. I am now in the process of incorporating Nozbe into my life. I have become a Nozbe user because of the many recommendations I have heard by listening to podcasts. Two in particular Michael Hyatt and Jeff Sanders both have highly recommended this program for task management.
Why have I used so many different programs and not found one that has stood the test of time with me?
• Some are way too complicated
• The learning curve with some is so steep
• Always on the search for the next best thing
• If they do not work across the various platforms that I use, it makes them difficult

Ease of use is one of the most important considerations for me. This is why Evernote is still my storage and retrieval system of choice. I have never considered giving up on Evernote. Evernote is simple and yet sophisticated enough that it can be as simple or complicated as you need. I use Evernote daily. Here is why it works and has stood the test of time:
• Ease of use
• It works across platforms
• It syncs quickly and seamlessly
• It has so many different methods and applications

The GTD revolution started by David Allen and his book Getting Things Done has helped all of us clear our minds and start getting things done. Nozbe is built with GTD in mind.

So, if you are still reading and I have not lost you, let me simplify all of this for you. It makes no difference what your system is, so long as you have a plan and then work your plan. Whether your program is electronic or paper does not matter. You can write your goals and a few main things to accomplish today on the back of an envelope and if you do them each day that would be the best plan for you.
The critical thing about task management is not beauty and ease of use or any other bell or whistle, the main thing is execution. Do you do the necessary things that move your forward?

One Thought to “The management of tasks”

  1. Rick Upchurch

    Ron, I’m a HUGE fan of Todoist – it is cross platform and allows me great flexibility in adding and managing tasks. Best of all, it has a free version.

    However, I agree with you the best manager is the one you will use. I was using paper lists until it simply became too unwieldy with all the various responsibilities of my life. Now I feel that I’m in better control and achieving better efficiency. But, I had to commit to using Todoist, a decision I am very happy with.

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