This year I am once again reading through the Bible.  Today’s New Testament passage was taken from 2 Thessalonians 3:5
“May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ.” (ESV)  Paul reminds the church that we need the Lord to direct our hearts.  As Paul refers to the heart, he is not speaking of the blood pumping muscle in our chests, but rather is speaking of that which constitutes our entire lives.  In essence that which makes me and you uniquely who we are.  This morning I was challenged by the Word of God.  As a believer, the Lord wants to direct my whole life, not just the spiritual, but family, job, health, thought life and everything else in between. Do we seek the Lord’s direction? This may explain our frustrations in life.  We are trying to direct our hearts and lives and wonder why things are not working well.  It may be as simple as changing directors.  Director has the same root as direction, meaning someone giving us direction in life and leading us in that way.  Everyone in our lives who is seeking to lead us and give us direction has an agenda.  They want us to go the way that they have determined to be the best.  What about the Lord where does He desire us to go?  Paul tells us in verse 5.  First, he wants us to direct our hearts to the love of God.  Talk about simplifying things, if we just keep moving in the direction of the love of God, we will be at the heart of the Father.  The love of God.  Know matter how often we heart about it, it is still an amazing truth.  The God of the universe loves me and He loves you!  I can’t earn it, it does not depend on how hard I work, or how much money I give, it is always dependent upon the Fathers heart.  It is a heart of love. Right now in your life regardless of what is happening start directing your steps and your mind toward the love of God.

Paul also tells us to direct our hearts toward the steadfastness of Christ.  Notice how it is translated in other versions with words like, perseverance, patience, endurance and patient waiting.  Christ endured and held steadfast through sorrow and trials and betrayal.  He did so because He knew that God loved Him.  Christ knew that if he endured and remained steadfast, God would receive the glory and make Him Victor.  Paul is telling the church,  always direct your heart toward God, follow hard after Him, and you will always find God’s love.  As we direct our hearts toward Him and experience His love, we will have the strength to endure and hold steady whatever comes our way.

At times words are easy to stay or write, it is in the living out of our faith where we experience trials and temptations.  I do not know the answer for each of your burdens and situations, but I do know that if you direct your heart toward God, His love and grace will give you the strength to persevere and hold on.

I am praying for you today!  Be blessed my friend!

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