Lights shine brightly in the darkness of a winter morning.  Neighbors leave their Christmas lights on all night, and in the morning it looks like I live on a set for a Christmas movie.  Out of the darkness, the bright lights shine and cast a glow of red, green and amber up and down the street.  I notice that against a dark backdrop the lights shine and seem to glow more brightly.  The color is stunning and bright against the canvas of a cold Christmas morning.

Jesus is the Light, and the Bible reminds us that the darkness cannot overcome the light.  Christmas especially tells me that no matter the extent of the darkness surrounding the world, the light of Christ shines not off somewhere far away, but right here where I live.

Some folks fear that they have done too much or have gone too far and the light and love of Christ cannot reach them.  The good news of great joy that the angels announced is a message worth repeating, again and again, God loves you, and He cares about you, and He came to change and redeem you.  Darkness or despair seems to be something so many wallows in and seem to believe there is no escape. The message of Christmas is that you are of great worth to the Father and He has sent the Savior into the world for you.

The One born in a stable, the abiding place for animals meets us where we are and reminds us that our Creator loves us.  He loved us with a sacrificial love that is hard to comprehend regardless of how many times we heard the story. The coming of Christ is so significant that even a secular display of lights seems like an act of worship.  Against the dark sky, the lights serve as a reminder that this is no ordinary season.  Something so significant has happened that we must take note and acknowledge it and more than that, celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

To you and your family A very Merry Christmas!

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