Having just passed the halfway point for the year, it seems like a good time to see where we are regarding our goals and plans for the year. The unexamined life is not worth living said, Socrates. You should evaluate where you are more than twice a year. The halfway point is time to take a ‘deep dive’ and really see where you are progressing, what changes you need to make, and what may not be working. I would advise you to take two hours and work through this process and devise a corrected plan for the rest of the year

How should you conduct this halfway point evaluation? Here are some thoughts to get you started:

• Check your goals. How many are you still working on? Are you 50% of the way to meeting the goal? This is the first place to look, revisit each of the goals you set for yourself, and give an honest appraisal of where you are concerning goal achievement.

Momentum. Can you see at the first six months mark that by taking actions and creating habits you are experiencing momentum? If you are not experiencing momentum, take the time to examine why you are not feeling the momentum. What are the habits and actions that will help you experience momentum?

Progress. Are you moving in the right direction? You will never have equal progress for all of your goals. Notice the progression and for which goals there is noticeable improvement being made. Growth is important. Take a moment to celebrate!

• What is working? As you look over the past six months, what worked? What steps have you been taking that has moved you toward your goal? Our natural tendency is to look at those things that are not working, celebrate that you created steps that have moved you toward the goal. 

• What do I need to change? There were some actions that six months ago seemed appropriate, and just the right procedure to move you forward. Here you are six months down the road, and it has not worked out as you had imagined. What do you need to change? Now is the time to make that change.

What do you need to more of and what do you need to do less? Make a list, stop doing things that are not moving you toward the goal. From your present vantage point, what do you believe is the best actions to increase? Make the changes.

What were the unexpected problems you encountered? Name them and how you handled them and think about what some issues you may experience going forward. 

Re-commit. Are you committed to your goals? Despite setbacks and disappointments dedicate yourself to moving forward and accomplishing your goals. 

• Breathe! You made it to the halfway point! Congratulate yourself. You have gotten farther than many others. Despite the difficulties and changes and unforeseen events, you pushed ahead. Stop right now and take a breath. You can and will make it another six months, and it will amaze you the changes that will take place in your life.• Express Gratitude. Thank God for His grace, appreciate all who assisted you along the way. 

Your family and Co-workers who helped you along the way, be sure and expresses your gratitude to them. There is no such thing as a self-made person. Many people have supported you. Please and thank you are still a must in the vocabulary of a leader.

You did it! You have made it to this point. Breathe, celebrate, and recommit to the goals and to continuous progress and self-improvement. You can do this, and I believe the results will amaze you.

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