I remember the first time that I read the book On a Hill Too Far Away by John Fischer how impactful this little book was for me.  Yes, it is a book I have read more than once, in fact I have read it several times.  The illustration that centers the book, is of a small Connecticut church that bolted a five foot cross on the floor and it could not be moved.  In fact it was in the middle of everything.  I mean everything, weddings, funerals, and worship service.  You could not avoid the cross.  Fischer uses this as an illustration of the power of the cross, and the fact that it should be right in the middle of everything we do.  The cross is to be front and center for the Christian.

Yesterday I preached at our Indianapolis Castleton church.  And right there in the middle of everything was a cross.  I had to walk around it to preach.  Anyone observing me as I preached had to look at the cross.  I could not look at the congregation without seeing the cross.  The power of the cross is front and center in the life of the believer.  It illustrates the power of God to change our lives, because of what Jesus did on that cross.  I can be changed, I can be transformed by the power of Christ.cross in the middle

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