If I were to start a Hall of Fame, I would start a “Pastors” Hall of fame. I have known many pastors who could be inducted on the first ballot. Not only would I include my pastors from my early years, but pastors and staff members I have met down through the years!

How is it that pastors have such an impact? Often the only non-family member who is with you during important, and impacting times: such as weddings, births, baptism, funerals, graduations and illness. A pastor walks into our lives and because of their words, ministry and presence we are never the same.

What I know about pastors is that they:

  • Love God
  • They are dedicated
  • The have a call from God on their lives
  • Work hard
  • Love people

Thank you pastor for:

  • what you do that no one sees
  • loving us
  • believing in us
  • being a faithful witness for Christ
  • standing for truth
  • your prayers
  • your friendship
  • your ability to correct and rebuke with tears in your eyes
  • following the call on your life
  • your love of God’s Word

In a busy world, take some time today and slow down and express your appreciation for your pastor! Do something to express your love, a card, note, gift card, a phone call or text. Pastors will do what they do, but it will be a “true shot of encouragement” if you would take time to share your appreciation. Pastors have labored faithfully during a pandemic, and all the other things that have been happening this year. Rather than complain today, reach out and express your appreciation.

We are all frustrated and at times somewhat frightened by life right now. Let us pull together and please take a moment to express thanks to and for your pastor!

Pastor what you do matters! It really does!

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