526480_10201727060835732_97769603_n Today in the worship service at Southport Church of the Nazarene, Dr. Brian Allen made this statement: “thanks for the past and yes to the future.”  The reason for all of us being together was the 70th Anniversary of the church.  It is great to be reminded of our past blessings, Southport, like many of our churches has a rich heritage.  Many folks were  called into the ministry, and the altars have been lined with seekers down through the years. Southport has been blessed with wonderful pastors and laity.  There have been many called into Christian service at Southport as well. A crowd of 297 packed the sanctuary. It was a time of remembrance and rejoicing.

Before Brian Allen sang, he said he had been thinking that we should acknowledge the past and offer our thanks for God’s blessings and the good things that have been experienced and then we must say yes to whatever the Lord has in store for us for the future.

The Christian life is to be lived both ways Thanks for the past and yes Lord to what He has for us today.


Congratulations to Dr. and Mrs Swesey and the wonderful people of the Southport Church



Are you thankful for God’s help in the past?  Are you willing to say yes to Him for the future?   Are you in?


Even Tigger wanted to be a part of the special day at Southport.


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