Well it all comes down to this, one more day and it will be over!  No more political commercials at least for two years!  The political scene seems to me to pretty much reflect the culture in the United States.  As an 8 year old I was severely reprimanded by my grandmother at the dinner table for referring to the president as “Johnson.”  My grandmother informed me that though she did not vote for him, he was the President of the United States and would be addressed as “President Johnson.”  Do you realize how benign and amusing that sounds in 2016.  To actually refer to the President by his/her title whether one voted for them or not?  Novel!  Perhaps the disappearance of civility is something to mourn and grieve.  People have become so partisan that they are blinded by their viewpoint.  Now, I have opinions and yes I did vote. As I have traveled from church to church during this election season I do not remember there being so much angst.  How did we get to this place, how can it be that these two are the best we can do, etc, etc.

Let me give you my theory:  I believe the two major party candidates look more like our country than we are willing to admit.  Their values are by and large the values of the majority of Americans.  I somewhat subscribe to the view that: ‘leaders get the followers they deserve, and followers get the leaders they deserve.’  I know I will get some heated responses, because partisans react and rarely think that someone else may have a point.  I am intending this to apply to both Democrats and Republicans.  Most partisans tell me they are not partisan just right.  So I have a test I would like you take late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.  Pray for the candidate you did not vote for and pray for their family!  Sincerely ask God to bless and equip and help them.  If you can not do this exercise could it be that you love your political opinions more than the Word of God!  Which tells us to pray and to even pray for our enemies.

Could we ratchet down the rhetoric on both sides?  I could pull out examples on both and all sides of the vitriol and meanness.

If you are a Christian could you focus your energy on the Kingdom and remember we are presently sojourners?

Could we find simple ways to make our world a better place?  Thursday night Shepherd Community in Indianapolis is having a fund raiser, I am making a donation. Would you find a compassionate/missional organization to make a donation to this week?  Jesus called us to not forget the least.

Our nation will not come together from the top down.  It will have to be a grass roots uprising!  The building blocks are kindness and consideration for others, sprinkled with a little “I may not know everything”, and just for good measure a little, ‘even if I don’t agree with you I still love you’.

Now we will have to practice, all of us will slip back into our partisan feelings, including me, but with enough practice we can make a difference.

One last question:  If we as Christians will not do this then who will?

May your candidate win, better yet may God help us!  Whoever is elected will have a nearly impossible task ahead of them.  I am praying that we will keep our eyes on Jesus, pray for our leaders, and seek to make a difference where we live and beyond.


God bles you


3 Thoughts to “Taking a Deep breath on November 7”

  1. Amen Ron, thanks. This means a lot to me. Darla Beatty

  2. Darryl Bogatay

    Ron; Very simple but honest words – that not only can, but must have a tremendously powerful effective impact! Thank you for being willing to open that tablet and unwaveringly strike the keys of truth. May they be heard and heeded! – Bogie – Ephesians 3:20-21

  3. Ditto!!! It’s a great honor to have you as our DS and even greater honor to have you both as our brother and sister in Christ our Lord and Savior. Oma

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