There are three verses in the Bible in which the Lord says to take off your sandals. The first one is Exodus 3:5 “Do not come any closer,” God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”

Taking your shoes off communicates three things:

1 An inconvenience. Stop what you are presently doing, and slow down, perhaps sit down and remove your shoes. It represents spending time in God’s presence.

2 Vulnerability. Taking off your sandals in the hot sand means you were not going to get away quickly. The combination of sand, rocks, and vermin means you are not in a strong position to do anything. These God-encounter places are the place where tender feet meet hard surfaces. These places are where we are susceptible to danger and learn to trust Him.

3 God is present. When God chooses to speak to us, we must stop and listen. We need to quit everything we are doing and concentrate on what He has to say. When God has something to say to you, you must slow down and listen. You will never be the same, and you will always remember the place where God met with you.

The place is also called “holy ground.” Where are the sites along your faith journey where God has met with you? Areas where you were challenged, tested and transformed. The places, at first glance, look ordinary and familiar. It is not the place that is special. God’s presence is what makes the ordinary into a holy place. When God spoke to Moses on the backside of the wilderness while he was tending sheep for his father-in-law, he thought that God had forgotten about him. On an ordinary day, God spoke through a burning bush. Doing usual chores on a somewhat routine day, God breaks in and challenges Moses. Have you ever considered God chooses a lot of ordinary people? That may be some of the best news you and I have heard!

My prayer today is that I would always be open to God interrupting my plans and changing my direction. The vulnerability comes from not knowing everything that is ahead, faith will always call us to be uncomfortable. Transformation and change will always stretch us and direct us in paths we would never have chosen on our own.

God’s timing may seem to come at less than ideal intervals, and we may feel vulnerable stepping out in faith, the real take away from holy encounters with God: He is with us! Answering the call of God has led me to places I know I would never have ventured into without God’s presence going with me. The way you are able to push past your apprehension is solely on the promise that God changes everything. He comes to lonely places and makes them holy places. He comes to cities, small towns, the country, and everywhere in between and His presence transforms them into Holy encounters that change us for a lifetime! He has done this for me at a desk, in my backyard, in the sanctuary, and at work. He is the God who will break in into our lives, not when we think it is ideal, but according to His perfect plan.

Today, listen for His voice He may just say take off your shoes you are on Holy Ground

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