Today Mrs Blake and I had a guest who travelled with us to our destination, Susanne’s dad Mr. Jim White.  He has been spending a few days with us and was able to make the trip to Greensboro, Indiana.  As I understand it there are only three churches in Greensboro, a United Methodist, a Friends meeting and the Church of the Nazarene.  The Methodist church is next to the Nazarene Church.  The Church of the Nazarene is the largest of the three. I am sure you are already aware of the fact that Greensboro is not a very large town.  According to the 2010 census the population of Greensboro, Indiana was listed as 143.  Greensboro is located in Henry county, in east central Indiana.  Greensboro got its name from Greensboro North Carolina.  Greensboro was a station on the underground railroad.  As a point of interest, there is a historical marker adjacent to the Nazarene church parking lot, indicating that this area was a part of the underground railroad.

For Nazarenes, Dr. Ross Lee was converted in Greensboro and this was his home church.  Dr. Ross Lee was a former District Superintedent of the Indianapolis District and the father of our previous  D.S. Dr. Ted Lee.

Our Greensboro church is alive and well.  If you love blue grass music this would be the church you should visit.  The special music was excellent.  Ron Murray led the singing and it was spirited and several took the liberty to testify to the Lord’s saving grace.  Pastor David Perry and his wife Shirley have been on quite a journey.  Brother Perry is a walking miracle.  To be a part of this service with Pastor Perry leading the service was special blessing to me.  Please keep the Perry’s in your prayers.

I preached and invited people to come and pray and the conclusion of the service and a great host responded.  The presence of the Lord was so sweet and powerful.  God is moving and Greensboro is one of the places where He is moving.

Greensboro the town and the church serve as a wonderful reminder for all of us, that God does big things in small places.  Think of all the slaves who were saved from slavery through the efforts of the underground railroad.  This little place was a route of escape.  The Greensboro Church of the Nazarene had almost as many people in worship today as the population of the entire village.  Like the underground railroad, this faithful congregation has been a part of the “Highway of Holiness”.  Many people have found freedom from the chains of sin and shame because of the Gospel message.  Families have been restored, sinners saved and beleivers sanctified, because this congregation has been true to the mission.

Thank you Greensboro Nazarenes for your faithfulness to the Cause of Christ and the Church.  Keep belleving.

What a privilege it is to be a part of Indianapolis Nazarene family and the Greensboro Nazarene family.

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