Growing up, my family did not take summer vacations. Home, the neighborhood and trips to relatives made up our vacations. I was in High School when, for the first time, I went with someone on vacation. I traveled with my friend and his parents to Ocala, Florida. Our mode of transportation was a station wagon in which my friend and I sat in the back. That trip must have been where I received the ‘vacation bug.’ Vacations have been a part of my life ever since. We take many of our holidays in the summer. This tradition started because of school schedules as well as better weather. As you go on vacation this summer, here are a few things to remember:

Getting away is vital. Everyone needs a break from the routine. A change of scenery seems to signal to the body and mind that it is okay to relax and rejuvenate.  

Vacations allow us to spend extended time with our loved ones. It is essential to spend time with our family. School, work, and a host of activities can squeeze a lot of our time and keep us from spending the time with those we love.

It is okay to have fun. Your family will not remember all the meetings you attended and all the money you made, but they will remember the time you made memories. Taking time away with your family will help to relax and remember what is important in life.

Vacation literally means to vacate. This means you leave the work and the problems at home. You relinquish and go to one place so you can be present with your family and relax and enjoy. It is okay to spend time away from the usual responsibilities, take a break, and enjoy yourself.

Summer has historically represented a slower pace. Many things have changed, and one change is that we pack every season, and there is hardly a letup. This is a reason that there are so many people who drive themselves and refuse to take adequate time off from work. They rarely allow themselves to loosen the tension that comes because they do not take the time to get a change of scenery and have the pressure relieved by taking time away.

Vacations come in all sizes and shapes. For some it will be travel to some exotic locale, for others, it will be time to work on projects or snuggle up with a good book, go exploring or visiting historical sites and many other activities, which gives us a break from the routine. Whatever kind of event you decide upon, relax and enjoy

Vacations remind us why we do what we do. Spending time with our family, and those closest to us should serve as a reminder why we get up and go to work every day. When we are in the routine, this is not always clear. Spending time away serves to keep us rested and aware that there is more to life than work and making money. There is nothing like time away to help give us a reality check.  

Enjoy your break, we live life knowing that we are to be well-rounded and that we share our lives with our others, especially our family.

Enjoy yourself, recharge your battery, and come back stronger and ready to concentrate and accomplish great things and make a difference. There is no time like the ‘good old summer.’ Be safe and come back rested and ready to face the challenges that will occur during the rest of the year. Enjoy the family, food, fun, and fireworks.

You deserve a break

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