We had a storm go through our neighborhood this morning.  It rained hard, thunder and lightning and wind.  A large limb fell on the road and made quite a mess.  We lost power for a little while as well.  Storms put on quite a show.  They are filled with wind and noise and rain.  Living on the edge of a camp ground, I have noticed some positives regarding storms.  The wind blows the dead limbs out of the trees.  The rain makes the grass grow and the lightning seems to assist with the greening of the lawn.

Storms can be frightening.  As a matter of fact many people are frightened by storms.  The thunder and lightning seems to unnerve and cause many to become anxious. There are not only thunderstorms outside my window, many times there are storms in the middle of my life.  I have weathered a few storms.  Let me give you some things I have learned traveling through a few turbulent life events, or if you will storms.


1     Storms do not last forever.  Often it seems that there is no let up in the stormy seasons of life.  Looking back I can testify, they don’t last forever.

2     Storms help to determine my values.  Have I placed my trust in Christ, or am I trusting in my bank account, job, health, friend or a host of other things that have become anchors of false hope?

3    Storms remind me that I am not in control.  Many issues of life can be directly traced back to control.  It is uncomfortable to feel that you have no control over your situation.  You and I have control over some things, but there are events beyond our control.  Change what you can, and trust God with the rest.

4     Jesus does some of His best work in stormy situations.  During a storm Jesus was accused by His disciples, “Don’t you care if we drown?”  I have no doubt that they said that to Jesus, I have said it to Him as well.  “Don’t you care what they are saying about me?”  “How can I make it through this?”  Yet just as he did for the disciples He says “Peace be still”   He is Lord!  He is my Lord and He is the Lord of the Storms as well?

Be encouraged

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