A part of the human experience is to always look out into the future when you will be in a position to really make a difference.  Someday, you know someday I am going to do something. What are the qualifiers I have heard regarding someday out into the future?  When my bills are paid, when the kids are raised, when I have a better job, when I am retired, or when my ship comes in.  I just looked once more and try as I might I can not find someday on my calendar.

One of the problems with this fascination with someday thinking, is I have found few if any who have arrived at the destination and seized and realized someday today!  It is like a prescription to salve our consciences, or a get out of jail free.  I have heard over the years people say things like well I can’t today but someday when everything lines up just so, then I will be able to…you fill in the blank.

Today is all I am promised.  No, really today is the day.  I understand the need to prepare for some future endeavor, but you have to start somewhere and today is the starting point.  I like the statement that the best time to prepare was twenty years ago, and the second-best time is today.  It really does not matter what the subject is: getting out of debt, saving for college, preparing for retirement,  or getting in shape.  So start today right now, yes, right this very day!

I am where I am today because of many decisions both big and small that have led me to this point in time.  So, look around, make up your mind, and start.  Usually, we think we have to take big bold steps and make enormous decisions and take huge action.  In reality, it is the little things done consistently over time that will add up.  It is hard at the moment to see the difference that positive small steps are making, but keep at it and you will find that the multiplied impact is nearly beyond your wildest imagination.

Some suggestions:

  • Try something new
  • Decide to get started
  • Forget being embarrassed, we all start as novices
  • Learn from those who are ahead of you on the journey
  • Practice
  • Throw your head back and forget about what others think and dive in
  • Don’t give up easily

There have been several things I have attempted or hobbies I thought looked fascinating only to discover that I was miserable doing them and they brought little to no joy.  I am not talking about missteps or steep learning curves, but it is okay to say ‘I tried that and it was not what I expected,’ and then move on.

It will help you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to try something new, step out of your comfort zone and do something you have put off, and get started.  It does not have to be enormous like attempting to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  It could be just something small that you have not gotten around to doing.  This week I have started a jigsaw puzzle.  I know not a big deal but for whatever reason, I have never as an adult put one together.  It is one of the many things Susanne and I are doing together.  I still can’t say I am passionate about it, but I have decided to expand the things that I do, and rather than make an excuse of saying ‘I will start puzzles next week.”  I have begun, and we shall see what happens.

Okay get up and get going and try something today!

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