How do you handle silence?  Some folks are much more comfortable with silence.  Silence after an episode of sorrow, pain, or loss is nearly unbearable.  From the heartbreak of the crucifixion to Saturday, it seems not only has everything changed, but none of it is for the better.  Imagine  Mary enduring the unimaginable loss of her Son and dealing with devastating grief.  The disillusioned disciples who had left everything to follow Him, and now what?  The depression, discouragement, and devastation cover them like a fog of mangled emotions. What do you do when your dreams disintegrate before your eyes?  Where do they go from here?  Between the cross and the empty tomb is a silent Saturday.  I have no idea where you are today, and I do not know what you are going through, but I know that when it seems all is lost, remember God does His best work when things look bleak and hopeless.  It is hard to hear and more demanding to apply to our situation.

I must remember that silence does not mean God is not up to something!  The silence here does not mean that God is not doing anything.  The silence of Saturday gives us space to absorb all that has taken place.  It serves as a reminder that when all hope seems gone, something is happening at levels we cannot perceive. God is up to something.  On the first silent Saturday, I am quite sure that none of the disciples or Mary believed God was up to something.  I am pretty confident that they felt abandoned by God. Silent Saturday is a stark reminder to never judge your circumstance or God by the silent Saturdays of life. Today likewise reminds us that hope rises from ashes and, yes even graves.  Before we gather and celebrate the Resurrection tomorrow, pause in the silence of this day and commit all of your hurt, disappointments, failures, scars, and regrets to the God who brings forth life from tombs and joy from sorrow and believe He will meet your need today.

It was Friday, it is now Saturday, and Sunday is coming. It is just about here!

One Thought to “Silent Saturday!”

  1. SusanneBlake

    Silent Saturday gives us time to reflect on the death. The tomb and the world waiting to see what was to happen. Tomorrow could not have been anticipated by those who saw Jesus crucified. Now what was to come? The greatest day of redemption the world has ever known is coming. God did not abandon us. He provided hope and eternal life with him. Thank you Jesus.

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