Today I reconnected with someone we have lost track of over the last 3-4 years.  Here name is Nancy.  At several of the churches on the Indianapolis District Church of the Nazarene I have mentioned her story.  We had become great friends.  She entered our lives over five years ago.  She was the lady who cut my hair.  I have told the story of walking into the hair salon, after filling out the paperwork and taking my seat I waited to be called, I noticed a young lady coming from the back and immediately I became uncomfortable.  I think I breathed a prayer, “Jesus do not let her call my name.”  She had bright purple hair in corn rows held together with large gold colored yarn.  She had metal things coming out of her face.  And tattoos, she really had tattoos.  As soon as I prayed my prayer, the purple haired lady said, “Ron,” I breathed to myself ‘great.’  What do you want to have done today”, she asked.  I said ‘well I don’t want purple hair.’  She replied without missing a beat, “you don’t have enough hair to have purple hair.”  I immediately laughed and so began a relationship and a lesson from the Lord.  Don’t judge people, and we are all placed on earth to love people and point them to Jesus.  Nancy became close to Susanne and me and our relationship blossomed.  She got married and had a baby.  The baby was ill and she quit working at the place where we got our hair cut.  One of the precious gifts I have ever received was given to me by Nancy.  Four years ago on Father’s Day, when I got out of church I noticed I had a voice message.  I listened to the message, it was from Nancy.  Happy Fathers’ Day Ron, thank you for not judging me and beating up on me, thank you for sharing God’s love and you and Susanne have been a blessing in my life, etc.”  I have told people that year my Son and another adopted daughter and Nancy  called me for Fathers Day.  I am glad for my purple haired tattooed friend/daughter.

Then tragically after she quit working at the salon, we lost touch, we have prayed for her and daughter and thought of her often.

Now fast forward to today.  June 18th 2016 the day before Fathers day.  I walk into Great clips in Camby Indiana.  I walked up to the register and there she was, I did not recognize her at first, her hair is not as purple as it used to be, but the tattoos I would recognize them anywhere.  I said “Nancy” she looked startled and then she said “Ron.”  We created quite a stir as we hugged and happily had a family reunion.  The workers and clients in the Great Clips could not believe she would associate with a person like me and the others couldn’t believe that I knew her.  We caught up on old times, she is going through a divorce, her child has cerebral palsy.  Nancy is an inspirational, positive lady.  I immediately took her picture on my phone and texted it to Susanne with the title ‘I have found Nancy’.  Let the party begin.  Susanne and I are making plans to take her out to eat.

Today, I was reminded of the heart of the Heavenly Father, there is nothing like finding one of your kids that was lost to you.  I am glad for my son, he is a blessing and a miracle from God.  I am also glad for sons and daughters in the Lord.  I am more convinced than ever that someone needs you and me, and they live next door and down the street.  There are no accidents, God give us divine appointments.  I am asking Him to send me more folks like Nancy.  I have also asked forgiveness that at times I have been  judgmental and harsh, I want to be more loving.  Now in case you think the whole ‘Nancy’ thing is a ‘preacher story’, here is her picture, pray for her and her precious little girl.


Susanne and I love Jesus, and because He loves us, Susanne and I love Nancy!



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  1. Saundra

    This is awesome!

  2. Billie Nolley

    Wonderful. Not only are you a good superintendent, but you are a wonderful example for Nazarenes on the Indy District–and Christians everywhere.

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