storm on lake

Jesus was traveling with His disciples on a boat, everything seemed normal, that is until a storm happened.  I think we can relate to the disciples.  There have been times of tranquility and peace in my life.  One can begin to think that it will always be that way.  Some storms give a warning that they are coming, most just ‘pop-up.’   Jesus was resting and was sleeping through the storm.  The disciples were terrified.  Reacting as most who are going through storms, they looked for someone to blame.  They woke Jesus and asked the question, “Don’t you care are about us?”  Have you ever asked or at least wondered the same thing.  When going through storms, we have the tendency to panic.  Storms not only pop-up, at times we seem to enter a stormy season.

It is easy to believe in God and His power while attending a worship service.  The Life of faith is not lived in a sanctuary, it is lived on my street, in my house and where I work.  It does matter how many at the church service think I am a spirit-filled follower of Christ.  What does my family believe about the subject?

Jesus spoke to the storm! Jesus spoke to the storm first!  He did not lecture, He commanded.  “Peace, Be still.”  Jesus did not carry on a conversation or argue with the storm, He commanded.  He then reminds the disciples that we live by faith.  A storm can make one fearful, and then we start doubting.  Jesus said doubt does not lead to faith, but it leads to fear.

Today Lord keep me safe through the storms of life, my boat at times rocks and the wind is fierce.  Help me to trust in you and not doubt.  The great news is that storms pass, Jesus never fails

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