My trip to Papua New Guinea was indeed a life-changing experience.  I was able to see things and experience things that never would have happened had I not been in PNG for 5 weeks.  While there the Lord gave me a vision and a passion for the work of our church in that country.  The work is progressing, and people are being won to the Lord, believers are being sanctified, and men and women called into ministry.


Many of our people have heard about the work of our hospital in Kudjip.  It is indeed a fantastic story.  I was a patient at the hospital!  I went through the emergency room on a Sunday evening and stayed until Monday morning. So many lives have been saved and healed through the ongoing ministry of the hospital and nurses training school.  Laying there on that Sunday night, I remembered reading a missionary book about the hospital, and now there I was being treated and ministered to by the dedicated doctors, nurses and staff.  The impact that was made in my life by the hospital will not be forgotten.

I spent the majority of time at Melanesia Nazarene Bible College.  I taught the “Doctrine of Holiness” course.  I came to love the students.  I think and pray for them often.  Principal Jacob Urri and the faculty and staff are a gifted group of individuals.  I spent much time with them and formed deep and lasting relationships.  I am amazed at what the college is able to accomplish.   I promised the principal that I would do my best to assist them with a couple of projects.

I want to share with you a couple of the projects:

Computers.  I was amazed when I entered the computer lab for the Bible College.  It had been a while since I had seen computers that old.  In today’s world, a college student must do research via a computer.  These old computers and software were donated years ago. The computers that are covered are the ones that are inoperable.


Help me pray that God will direct me to someone either in business or education who is replacing their old computers and would be willing to donate the old ones.  I can help raise the money for shipping the computers to Papua New Guinea.  They need 40-50 computers and software.  If you know someone who would donate computers, would you be willing to reach out to them and see if they would be willing to donate or sell them at a reduced price? I can think of no more worthy cause than helping these Bible College students as they prepare to serve God and the church.  This would be a  small way you and I can make a difference in the life of the Church in Papua New Guinea


I was impressed by the caliber of the students.  They are committed and spiritually grounded, they are curious and seeking to be the most prepared servants.  Principal Jacob and his faculty and staff are godly, intelligent and warm-hearted. I saw up close the quality of their work, and I was thoroughly impressed.


The campus actually houses two colleges:  Melanesia Nazarene Bible College and Nazarene Teachers College.  They share facilities and share an administration building as well.  I spoke a couple of times in the chapel.  The two colleges join together for chapel services.  While I was staying on campus, the school hosted a few other meetings, including a youth meeting and pre-service for the National women’s conference.  A  few times I saw the chapel service packed to overflowing.  If the building was enlarged, it would not only accommodate the needs of the Bible College but would also assist them in being able to hold more conferences and even rent the building out to others.  The principal would like for a work and witness team to come and enlarge the chapel building. There are people in PNG that could come alongside the work and witness team and help with the construction.  I am not sure how I am going to pull this off, but I see the need and am willing to do whatever I can to facilitate and see that this takes place.  If you would be willing to be a part of work and witness trip to the Highlands of PNG and help enlarge the chapel building, let’s figure out how this could best be accomplished.


I have prayed over this post and am asking God to meet these two needs that will help my brothers and sisters at MNBC and serve for the furthering of the Gospel in Papua New Guinea.



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