My Sundays are the same, but different. I am usually in a different church or two each Sunday.  Most of the time I preach.  I conduct board meetings, meet with pastors and a host of other activities. Since the end of the General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene, we have hosted a few of the delegates as they prepare to return home.  Our Indianapolis district and Camp Camby staff have been ready and willing to do whatever was necessary.

When I first started commenting about the General Assembly, I referred to it as the worlds largest family reunion.  Some thought it was an over exaggeration.  But I am more convinced  having spent some time with my new friends the last couple of days.

Let me introduce you to my new friends:


Rev. Trisha Das  Pastor from Calcutta India.1003662_10201422054210757_1627625208_n

Pastor Das shared in church today.  He gave his testimony, and he told of his desire to help villages in his area have fresh water wells.  He brought some things from India to sell to raise money for the wells.  Westside bought everything he brought.  I have spent some time with him and believe he is a great pastor, I have a friend, a member of the family who lives in Calcutta, please pray for his church and ministry.


Kafoa Muaror. District Superintendent Fiji.

Pastor/DS Muaror, and his youth pastor Daniel arrived at Camp Camby Nazarene Camp yesterday.  They both went to church with us today.  Brother Kafoa brought greetings from Fiji.  He is truly a man of faith.  He has inspired me with his spiritual determination.  He and Daniel and Pastor Trisha went with me to the installation of Rev. and Mrs. Jim Hudson, new pastoral family at our Edinburgh church.  It was nice to have three international 1001602_10201422133572741_1157969994_n

pastors with me today at Edinburgh.  Congratulations Pastor and Mrs. Hudson, welcome to the Indianapolis District.  It felt like a family reunion.




Pastor Arua brought greetings from Papua New Guinea.  He and church members from Papua New Guinea sang a special in church.  They blessed us as they sang a heart-felt gospel song in their language.

The guests shared in the Sunday School classes they attended.  After the service we went back to Camp Camby and had lunch together.  We bid our brothers and sisters goodbye as they left for the airport.

We are happy that they are going home, but in a sense we miss them.

I will finish this as I started, I really was a part of the worlds largest family reunion.  Did I mention I love my church?






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