This greeting was written into the sand along St Pete Beach Florida.  Sand is a good illustration of time and our lives here on earth.    Though it is firm enough to write on, it is pliable enough to be washed away easily.  Footprints in the sand can show where we have walked but the impression does not last forever, and in reality passes quite quickly.  Having reflected on the past year I have been reminded of places visited, projects completed and  a few never quite finished.  There were plenty of good intentions some things accomplished some never becoming more than wishful thinking.  Daily it may seem that little progress is made, but reflecting back over the 52 weeks of the year it is amazing the things that are accomplished in the span of a year.  Some of you made resolutions for a new year.  Many will give up before the first week is completed.  One thing I have learned is that if you want to make changes in your life, you will have to begin by adjusting things you do everyday..  It will be a series of small things done that will make a difference over the span of time.  We think this time of year about making big plans, and dreaming big dreams, when what is really necessary is consistent small changes that will carry us into a new direction.  One cannot lose fifty pounds in a day, but one can lose significant amounts of weight over weeks, months and a year.  It is not just stopping bad habits, it is bringing  new wiser and healthier choices into our regular routine.

What is your goal in life?  What is it that you would like to accomplish?  Dream big, but your dream, your big dream will come to pass if you take incremental steps consistently day in and day out.  This year hold yourself accountable.  Hold yourself accountable for everything!  Stop blaming others and start assuming full responsibility for you!  Feed your mind on the Word and positive literature. Begin to turn the TV off and pick up a book.  Get moving and and get going and get off the sofa and start engaging with your family and the world.  Learn a new skill, reconnect with an old friend.

One of the worthiest of goals for a new year is to develop the habit of prayer and Bible reading.  One reason there is so much fear in our lives is that we feast on newscasts and not the Word of God.  You do not have to pray for an hour a day or read through the Bible in a month.  Just start…spend time in prayer.  Read some verses or a chapter.  You will discover that there will be no better time spent this year than time spent in prayer and the Word.

Let’s meet back in a year.  What exciting things will we see God do in and through our lives throughout 2016?  To get to 2017 we will have to take it one step and one day at a time.  A few positive changes and only time will tell the impact and difference that was made.


Happy New Year

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  1. The lord is so good If we just trust him Ralph Stack

    1. Thanks brother Stack God bless you and Have a Happy New Year

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