I resonate with the phrase “my life is in Your Hands.” Kirk Franklin has written a powerful song with this title that expresses the sentiments of how life is lived by faith. Life is not one string of consecutive victories piled on top of each other. For believers, as for everyone, life is filled with pleasant surprises and mishaps. There are ups and downs, discouragement and a lot of emotions and experiences that come with living in this world. Please place them in a bowl and stir them together, and you have our daily lives. Jesus said that we would have trouble in this world and that He has overcome the world.
Yet, often we feel surprised by trouble as if something totally unexpected has overtaken us. This feeling of surprise tells me that we expect to be exempt from pain and trials. For many, the idea that since we are Christians, we should not have to go through these trials is a part of the average believers’ mindset. Now, for sure, it is not pleasant to go through hard times, they make us uncomfortable and stretch us in ways we did not know we could be extended. Having just gone through a stretching season myself, I understand the discomfort. It is one thing to say I trust the Lord, while surrounded by worshippers in the sanctuary. In reality, our faith is not tried in church, it is tested in the laboratory of life: home, work, school, you know the world in which we live. The Lord teaches us so many lessons in the classroom of life. A few of the lessons I have learned are: I can trust Him with and for everything! He does give us a “peace that passes understanding.” When I do not know what else to do, stand. It is in the standing that I find there is beneath my feet a firm foundation, the Rock Christ Jesus! I have learned He never forsakes His own, even when going through the valley, He does not send me through alone, He walks down the path with me!
Today, regardless of your circumstances, your life is in His Hands. Upon reflection and the backward glance, it is much easier to see in big and small ways He really Has led me. Things that seemed so trying and challenging from the perspective of today seem to be just what was needed to teach me to trust Him. Some of the unpleasant experiences of life were used by God to file off some of my rough edges. Pruning is painful but a necessary work if we are to be more fruitful. Clearing the brush and allowing Him to do the deep work of grace in my life has been a part of the call to follow Him. Jesus said, “If anyone would come after me, they must deny themself pick up their cross daily and follow me.”
To follow Him is discipleship, and this involves self-denial, cross-carrying, and following Him. To live out this last sentence is an exercise that will include pain as well as endless possibilities. My life is in His Hands is another way of saying it is not about me, it is all about Jesus and His Kingdom. Wherever you are today, remember you are in this long term, discipleship is more a marathon than a sprint.
In the future, you will reflect back on where you are today and praise Him for the lessons learned through humble obedience.

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